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You’ve waited more than 400 days, and winter is no longer coming because winter is finally here. Not only did you patiently wait more than one nail-biting calendar year for “Game of Thrones” to return, but you followed and hunted down every online GOT theory, meme and animated GIF over the last year. You weren’t just ready for winter to nip you into the frosty White Walker cold; you were born to see this season and next season through to its final resolution!

Now that you’ve welcomed Daenerys to Dragonstone and seen Arya carry out her poisoned revenge on the Frey house, what does “Game of Thrones” have in store this season?

We’ll give you a hint:

Season 7 Kill Count:

  • Jon Snow – 0
  • Daenerys – 0
  • Dragons – 0
  • White Walkers – 0
  • Cersei – 0
  • The Mountain – 0
  • Arya Stark – 50+

First, we are going to see a lot more of Euron Greyjoy this year, because what is “Game of Thrones” without another villain we love to hate. We despised Joffrey through seasons one, two, three and four, and in season six we finally GOT to wish the despicable, torturous Ramsay Bolton adieu. Now, Euron Greyjoy will follow in their paths, but rumor has it he will be bigger, badder and even more evil than his predecessors. We cannot wait to hate the character that killed his brother, took the Iron Islands and wants his niece and nephew dead.

Speaking of characters we love to hate, when we left Cersei Lannister in season six; we saw her detonate barrels of wildfire that Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King, had stored in case the rebel forces overtook King’s Landing. With Cersei ascending to the Iron Throne, we are left to wonder who is really mad.

Jon Snow has successfully beaten death and after last season’s big reveal that his parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, we know he’s in contention for the Iron Throne. As he prepares to battle the worst enemy of all – White Walkers – we predict his strength will grow.

Littlefinger continues to lurk in the shadows, but as with all the characters in “Game of Thrones,” we wonder when his life will reach its expiration date. After all, when you star in the show, it’s only temporary. Whether the characters see it through to this season or next season, it’s simply a matter of time before there is only one ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. The only question is: who will be left to rule?

“Game of Thrones” only has seven episodes in 2017 and six episodes for the final season (to be released next year). Whether you have summer time events or want to watch “Game of Thrones” again from beginning to end, Home Telecom has you covered with HBO GO (through HomeTV2Go), HBO On Demand, or HBO HD. These options let you conveniently re-watch the latest episode or DVR it for a later time. However, if you’re anything like we are, you won’t be able to wait and will need your GOT fix live. Just remember to DVR it on your LOOP DVR or watch it again on HBO GO because we guarantee that season seven will fly by faster than dragons can breathe fire!