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If you’re in an eligible household, you may be able to lower your bill by getting approved for Community Connect.

Community Connect from Home Telecom

Through the Community Connect program, Home Telecom is ensuring our community members are always connected to the high speed internet they need to thrive. Home Telecom is pleased to offer our Community Connect program.

Up to 100 Mbps Internet Service

As low as

High Speed Internet Service for $34.95
No price increases or activation fees!
The $34.95 rate will apply to DSL customers who can receive "up to" 75 Mbps and Cable Modem and Fiber customers who can receive "up to" 100 Mbps. Please keep in mind that the actual speed you receive is based upon your home’s distance from our equipment.

To qualify for Community Connect, you will need to be a part of one of the eligible programs listed in the online "Sign Up" form below and include documentation of your eligibility. Please have your materials ready when you submit the form. Click the Sign-Up button below to begin.

Date of Birth
Last 4 Numbers of Social
Physical Address
Are you an existing customer?
Home Telecom Account #
Mailing Address
Eligibility Program(s)
By clicking Enroll I understand that:
  • The Community Connect program is offered and controlled by Home Telecom and is at the sole discretion of the company. The program may be discontinued at any time.
  • If I no longer qualify for this program or if the program is discontinued, I will be subject to Home Telecom's regular rates, terms, and conditions should I continue to subscribe to the internet service.
  • There is a limit of one benefit per household per month.
  • Proof of program eligibility must be presented to Home Telecom as verification that you qualify for up to 75 Mbps DSL Community Connect plan or up to 100 Mbps Cable Modem and Fiber Community Connect plan for $34.95.
  • In order to participate in this program, the proof of eligibility and the Home Telecom bill must be attributed to the same name and customer, meaning the person who is eligible must be a named billed party on the Home Telecom bill.
  • Home Telecom may disconnect the household's Community Connect service if payment is not received according to Home Telecom's standard business operations.
By clicking Enroll, I give Home Telecom permission to:
  • Apply a $34.95 rate for up to 75 Mbps DSL Community Connect plan or up to 100 Mbps Cable Modem and Fiber Community Connect plan to my Home Telecom Bill.
  • Resume normal billing practices and charge me the full service rate if I no longer qualify for the Community Connect program or the program is discontinued.
  • If applicable, I may be subjected to the transfer-out provider's undiscounted rates as a result of transfer if I elect to maintain service from the transfer-out provider.

For more information call 888-746-4482
*Up to 100 Mbps, subject to serviceable speed at location.

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