Local Service

Home Telecom has been the locally owned provider of basic telephone for over 100 years. Home Telecom has invested significant resources to ensure local residents enjoy the same quality of service and quantity of options as residents anywhere in America.

Save More When You Bundle

Long Distance Service

Premium Long Distance*, $35.00 per month

Now you can make all of the long distance calls you want, talk with friends and family nationwide, for one flat fee per month. Call anywhere in the United States, any time day or night. *Not available in Harleyville.

NickelTime 5¢ per minute, $3.95 per month

Call anywhere in the USA anytime for 5¢ per minute plus a low monthly fee of $3.95. Ideal if you make 50 – 100 minutes of calls per month.

DimeTime 10¢ per minute, $1.50 per month

Like NickelTime, call anywhere in the USA anytime, except the per-minute rate is 10¢ plus a lower monthly fee of only $1.50. Ideal if you make 30 – 50 minutes of calls per month.

15¢ Plan

If you make less than 30 minutes of long distance calls from your home, this flat rate plan is the most economical. There is no monthly fee — no surprises, no hidden fees — all calls are 15¢ per minute.

International Calling

In order to protect our customers from fraudulent calls to foreign countries which result in unauthorized charges, Home Telecom puts International Toll Blocking on all lines. If you would like to be able to make international calls, you must fill out our web form or contact customer service at 800-577-2799.

Home Telecom offers competitive low rates to frequently called International locations. To view a list of our International rates, visit our Rates Page. International Calling Codes and dialing instructions.

Personal Toll-Free Number

Get your own Toll-Free number — the perfect solution for children away at school and relatives in care facilities. Provide your Toll-Free number to anyone you wish to call you without incurring a charge. You pay $0.10 per minute with a $2.00 monthly fee.

Account Code Billing

Home Telecom offers 4-digit account codes that allow you to better control and track your long distance usage. It's a great service for Residential and Business customers for a low monthly fee of $2.00.