Our Management Team

Below is a list of the management team members for Home Telecom.

Our Management Team

The members of our team are what hold Home Telecom together. We employ close to 200 people and serve over 20,000 access lines. Home Telecom has been serving various surrounding counties since 1904. As of today, our company serves Berkeley County, the Harleyville area of Dorchester County and portions of the Greater Charleston area, including Goose Creek, Daniel Island and nearby neighborhoods.

Robert L. Helmly, Sr.

Robert L. Helmly, Sr.
CEO & Vice Chair

Formerly the President of Home Telephone Company, Mr. Helmly is currently the CEO and Vice Chair. Mr. Helmly also served as State Senator for Berkeley County.

In this capacity, he worked to improve the industry through legislative initiatives. For example, in the late 1980's Mr. Helmly drafted legislation establishing the South Carolina Dual Party Relay Service. This legislation, passed in the early 1990's, met the needs of hearing, speech-impaired and visually impaired persons by enabling them to communicate with other users of telecommunications services. Mr. Helmly was inducted into the SC Telephone Association's Hall of Fame in 2001. In November 2004, after 51 years of service, he handed the reigns over to William Helmly. He has been a member of the Home Telecom team since 1953.

William Helmly

William S. Helmly
President & COO

On November 23, 2004, the Home Telephone Board of Directors named William S. Helmly to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Home Telephone Company. Will has served Home Telephone in a variety of capacities, as Vice President of Engineering and most recently as Executive Vice President. He is a 1986 graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Will has been a member of the Home Telecom team since 1992.

Keith Oliver

H Keith Oliver
Senior Vice President Corporate Operations

Hired as a Certified Public Accountant, in 1999 Keith was named Vice President of Finance. In 2004 he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations. Keith has been involved in a leadership role with many state and national telecom organizations. He has represented Home Telecom as Chairman of the Organization for the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telecommunication Companies, a national trade organization representing over 550 small telephone companies, as well as serving as Chairman of the United States Telecom Association (USTA) Small Company Caucus. A 1977 graduate of the College of Charleston, Keith has been a member of the Home Telecom team since 1984.

Robert Abbott

Robert P. Abbott, Jr.
Director Engineering

Bob oversees the engineering department of the company. This includes engineering for outside plant, purchasing, network planning and mapping. Bob has been a member of the Home Telecom team since 2003.

Judy Cronin

Judy S. Cronin
Director Sales and Business Development

Judy oversees the sales activities of Home Telecom. She is responsible for creating and implementing procedures, policies and objectives for the Sales team. Judy joined the Home Telecom team in April 2005. She has 25 years of management experience in the industry.

Debra Ford

Debra Ford
Director Customer Operations

Debra is responsible for planning, organizing and directing business office activities to maximize delivery of excellent customer service to all customers. Debra and her team of managers, supervisors, customer service representatives and cashiers are committed to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by providing fast, friendly and knowledgeable service. Debra has been part of the Home team since 1974.

Robert L. Helmly, Jr.

Robert L. Helmly, Jr.
Director Support Operations

Rob oversees plant support operations for the company including company safety programs in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. Rob has been part of the Home Telecom team since 1979.

Eddie McGriff

Eddie McGriff, Jr.
Director Plant Operations

Eddie directs all plant operations and is responsible for escalating and directing activities during systems problems or disasters. Plant operations include managing the Installation and Repair groups, as well as managing the construction, replacement, removal and maintenance of aerial and buried cable, transmission equipment and switching facilities. Eddie has been a member of the Home Telecom team since 2009.

Gina Schuler

Gina T. Shuler
Director Marketing

Gina oversees all aspects of the Marketing department. This department is responsible for the advertising and promotion of the company's products and services, as well as the representation of a positive corporate image to the general public. She has been a member of the Home Telecom team since 1992. Gina is a 1991 graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. She has been a member of the Home Telecom team since 1992.

Denny Thompson

Denny V. Thompson
Director Administrative Services

Denny oversees the company's Human Resources, Data Processing, Accounting and Regulatory Departments. A 1991 graduate of Charleston Southern University, Denny served on the board of directors for the Santee Cooper Credit Union from 1999 through August 2006. Denny has been part of the Home Telecom team since 1989.