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Attackers don't
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Corero SmartWall leads the industry with real-time, automatic protection that keeps DDoS attacks at bay without any of the downtime associated with other solutions.

SmartWall uses a patented, innovative and automated multi-stage detection and mitigation pipeline to ensure the highest possible efficacy. Protection is achieved while maintaining line-rate performance to ensure legitimate traffic is not impacted by damaging false-positives, or a significant increase in latency.

Corero [the DDoS protection specialists] A diagram of the DDoS attack/defense cycle

Umbrella Easy Protect is a cloud security service that gives you protection from cyber attacks such as malware and phishing. It protects at the DNS-layer before a threat ever reaches your network.

How it Works

First Line of Defense

As a secure gateway, Umbrella Easy Protect provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet. It blocks these threats before they ever reach your network. By analyzing and learning from internet activity patterns, Umbrella Easy Protect automatically uncovers attackers’ infrastructures and proactively blocks requests to malicious destinations before the connection is even established. Umbrella Easy Protect can stop phishing and malware infections earlier, identify already infected devices faster and help prevent data theft.

Umbrella Easy Protect

What attacks are you not seeing?


of malware uses DNS in attacks


Hackers are paying attention, and they’re matching today’s technology innovations with maddening creativity of their own. They’ve graduated from attacks designed to steal data to extortion hacks that instead lock people out of their data unless a ransom is paid. They manipulate files and sabotage software. They exploit vulnerabilities, intercept split-second online credit card transactions and hack connected devices ranging from security cameras to smart watches, skateboards and even cars. Built into the foundation of the internet, Umbrella Easy Protect acts as your first line of defense against threats- blocking threats before they become attacks, and securing users anywhere they go.

Unmatched Threat Intelligence

Hackers use the internet to develop, stage and refine their attacks and they leave behind traces like domain names and callbacks that can be analyzed. By enforcing security at the DNS and IP layers, Umbrella Easy Protect blocks requests to malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnets before a connection is even established- before they reach your network or devices. The cloud-based proxy logs and inspects all web traffic for greater protection. The cloud-delivered firewall helps to log and block traffic for consistent enforcement throughout.

Fast & reliable cloud infrastructure

Fast & reliable cloud infrastructure

Most predictive intelligence

Most predictive intelligence

Broadest coverage of malicious destinations

Broadest coverage of malicious destinations

Secure Your Smart Home with
MyWiFi Xtreme's Protect IQ Shield!

Join millions of Americans in safeguarding smart connected devices within your home. Don't wait—protect your network from potential hackers accessing Smart TVs, Wi-Fi cameras, baby monitors, thermostats, and all Wi-Fi-related devices. MyWiFi Xtreme's Protect IQ feature serves as a shield, guarding your devices against potential threats and hackers.


Protect IQ Guards Your Internet

When you sign up for a Home Telecom Internet plan, you immediately gain access to Protect IQ, a robust network security that helps keep you Wi-Fi-connected devices protected against prying eyes. Protect IQ guards your internet around the clock, offering multi-layered protection to help prevent hackers and other cyber threats from gaining access to your devices.

Helpful Protect IQ Features

When you sign up for a Home Telecom Internet plan,
you automatically receive all these multi-layered Protect IQ benefits.


Network Security

Protect IQ makes whole home network security straightforward and seamless.


Secures Vulnerable Devices

Secure your smart devices with Protect IQ to ensure that hackers don't gain access to your home.


Stop Intrusions

Protect IQ works to stop network intrusions, viruses and malware from accessing your home network and connected devices.


Daily Updates

Protect IQ receives daily updates to ensure that you and your family remain safe with the latest protections.

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Amp up your internet security

If you’re looking for internet security software to help protect your devices, look no further than Trend Micro. Home Telecom has partnered with Trend Micro to offer customers access to this top-rated antivirus and anti-scam tool.

Trend Micro Maximum Security offers advanced device protection and can help defend you against more than 250 million daily threats. In addition, Trend Micro is the leader in blocking online security threats, and their robust software features perfect scores in antiphishing and blocking malware-hosting pages, according to PCMag.

Electronic devices

Trend Micro can protect up to three devices, which means you can download this antivirus program to protect your laptops and desktops and start defending yourself against hackers. Trend Micro can also scan your Microsoft OneDrive for infected files, helping prevent and minimize damaging online attacks.

How to download

Trend Micro Offers Advanced Privacy Protection

The Trend Micro Maximum Security suite also features privacy protection, which is critical in today’s social media-driven world. Working behind the scenes, Trend Micro scans privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter and YouTube. If you Google yourself and see your social media accounts pop up in the results, hackers and identity thieves can easily do the same.

Trend Micro can help protect your social media presence and notify you if friends send you phishing or bad links, so you don’t click and can quickly act and delete them. Additionally, sharing too much personal information on social media sites also puts you at risk for identity theft. Let Trend Micro adjust your privacy settings, ensuring your information remains private and protected.

*This number represents an estimate based on monthly averages of potential blocks thwarted per second on Home Telecom's entire network. This does not represent the amount of possible network security threats to your specific home network.

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