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Watch what you want, browse all you want and video chat with
whomever you want. No more buffering, no grainy video chats
and no more disconnects.

FREE Whole Home Wi-Fi FOR LIFE*

when you sign up for Gigabit internet!


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How many devices connect to your network at a time?

Think smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming systems, smart doorbells, thermostats, etc.

What do people in your home use the internet for?

Select all that apply.

Shop, Share and Stream with Ease

No More Bandwidth Wars, Faster Everything

Always Connected, All the Time

Have you been frustrated by other providers’ internet that only gives you:

  • Slow Load Times?
  • Buffering?
  • Grainy Video Chat?
  • Data Caps?

Home Telecom internet services will make sure you’re getting the speeds you need at prices you can afford! Use our speed calculator above to determine the speed that is best for your household!


What You'll Get with Your Internet!

What you'll get with your internet!

If it's connected, it's protected with MyWiFi Xtreme! Access network-level security that protects EVERY device connected to your Wi-Fi.

Your home's incoming network traffic is proactively monitored. Anything suspicious is automatically blocked. Users are notified whenever a security issue is triggered with all details provided about the device, where and when it was attacked.

Level Up Your Gaming

Built for the modern home, connect 100s of devices without affecting your network. Stronger whole home coverage that's less affected by interference eliminates dead spots.

Get the same great Wi-Fi quality no matter where you roam in your home!

Solid Streamer

It is our goal to provide superior customer service alongside our reliable internet and whole home Wi-Fi.

To do this, each installation is certified prior to leaving your home. We connect and then thoroughly test your connection and Wi-Fi to ensure your home is 100% covered.

Additional Benefits That Come with Our Service

Less Load Times

Less Load

Fast Download AND Upload Speeds

Fast Download
AND Upload Speeds

Multi-Device Ready


No Buffering


No Data Caps

Data Caps

Crystal-Clear Video Chat

Video Chat

Not sure which speed you need? Check out our Bandwidth Estimation Tool!


myWiFi Xtreme

Maximize your Experience with Blazing Speeds and Reliable Whole Home Coverage! PLUS - home network and device protection with enhanced parental controls!

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Thank You for your Service!
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Whether you are on a fixed income or want to reduce expenses, we’d like to extend our best promotion an additional year... just for you!
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Get Home Internet for LESS
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*For residential services only. Certain addresses may not be serviceable based on the distance from Home Telecom’s network. Upload speeds may vary based on the technology serving your home. Prices listed include an optional $10 per month discount for enrolling in e-bill with auto-draft. Prices are guaranteed for 12 months and will increase to the then current standard price at that time. Contracts are not required for internet service; however, Home Telecom equipment must be returned when service is disconnected. MyWiFi Xtreme (valued at $9.95 per month) will be free for life as long as the customer maintains 1 Gbps services. This offer may be discontinued at any time. Prices subject to change. Other restrictions may apply.

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