Enjoy uninterrupted streaming, seamless browsing, and crystal-clear video chats. Say goodbye to buffering, poor video quality, and frustrating disconnections.

Enhance Your Connectivity: Achieve True Whole Home Coverage

Experience Seamless Connectivity Throughout Your Home

Say goodbye to dead zones and unreliable connections. Our solution ensures robust, uninterrupted coverage in every corner of your home. Enjoy reliable Wi-Fi for streaming, gaming, video calls, and more without interruptions or signal drops.

Mesh Unit Diagram

Mesh units work to banish Wi-Fi dead zones! Get an ultra-fast and reliable connection with whole home W-Fi coverage up to 4,500 sq. ft.

Add a mesh unit to your home for only $2.95 per month!

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Discover Your Ideal Internet Speed

Unlock Your Ideal Internet Speed with Our Simple Tool

Not sure what internet speed suits your needs? Use our user-friendly tool to determine the perfect bandwidth for your household. Whether for streaming, gaming, or remote work, find the optimal speed to match your online activities.

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How many devices connect to your network at a time?

Think smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming systems, smart doorbells, thermostats, etc.

What do people in your home use the internet for?

Select all that apply.

Shop, Share and Stream with Ease

No More Bandwidth Wars, Faster Everything

Always Connected, All the Time

Have you been frustrated by other providers’ internet that only gives you:

  • Slow Load Times?
  • Buffering?
  • Grainy Video Chat?
  • Data Caps?

Home Telecom internet services will make sure you’re getting the speeds you need at prices you can afford!

Stream on us!

Choose one of the following services FREE for 6 Months when you upgrade to 1 GIG Internet!

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What You'll Get with Your Internet!

What you'll get with your internet!
Comprehensive Wi-Fi Security with MyWiFi Xtreme Protect Every Connected Device with Network-Level Security

Gain peace of mind knowing that every device connected to your Wi-Fi is safeguarded by MyWiFi Xtreme. Our system actively monitors incoming network traffic and automatically blocks any suspicious activity. Receive instant notifications detailing security issues, including the device affected, attack location, and timestamp.

Level Up Your Gaming
Robust Connectivity for Modern Homes: Connect Hundreds of Devices without Network Congestion

Experience enhanced whole-home coverage designed for today's connected homes. Our robust system minimizes interference, eliminating frustrating dead spots and ensuring seamless connectivity for all your devices. Enjoy consistent, high-quality Wi-Fi throughout your home, regardless of your location.

Solid Streamer
Superior Customer Service and Reliable Internet

We're dedicated to excellence in customer service. Each installation is meticulously certified before completion. We connect and thoroughly test your connection and Wi-Fi, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your entire home.

Additional Benefits That Come with Our Service

Less Load Times

Less Load

Fast Download AND Upload Speeds

Fast Download
AND Upload Speeds

Multi-Device Ready


No Buffering


No Data Caps

Data Caps

Crystal-Clear Video Chat

Video Chat

Not sure which speed you need? Check out our Bandwidth Estimation Tool!


myWiFi Xtreme

Maximize your Experience with Blazing Speeds and Reliable Whole Home Coverage! PLUS - home network and device protection with enhanced parental controls!

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