Calling Features

Home Telecom Voice Calling Features

Explore Home Telecom's diverse range of individual Calling Features designed to optimize your telephone performance. Delve into detailed instructions and descriptions of these features below to tailor your communication experience!

Receiving Calls

Receiving Calls

Receiving Calls

» Anonymous Call Rejection
» Call Tracing
» Call Waiting
» Call Waiting Display
» Call Forwarding
» Caller ID Basic
» Caller ID Name/Number
» Personal Call Service

» Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
» Selective Call Accept
» Selective Call Rejections
» Selective Call Forwarding
» Messaging Unified
» SimRing - Simultaneous-Ringing
» Find-Me-Follow-Me
» RoboSTOP

Making Calls

Receiving Calls

» Caller ID Blocking
» Call Return
» Repeat Dialing
» Speed Calling
» Three-Way Calling

Opt for Cost-Efficient Calling Feature Packages with 'Simply Pick'!

Customize your voice service by selecting specific features from the above list to match your needs and save money with your package!

Pick 3
Pick 5
Pick 7


Pin Requirements

» Must be from 6 to 20 digits
» Cannot use part of phone number
» No sequential numbers (ex: 1234)
» Maximum number of repeating numbers is 2 (ex: 330)

Messaging Unified Password Requirements

» Minimum number of 8 characters
» Must include at least one number
» Must include at least one special character (ex: !@#$)
» Must contain at least one letter

Unlimited Voice

Unlimited Voice

Tailor services to fit your family's needs! Get Unlimited Voice for just $35 per month*. This includes a residential access line, Pick 3 features, and unlimited domestic long-distance minutes, offering a customized solution to match your family's communication requirements.

*Prices do not include taxes and fees.

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