Charleston / Summerville / Mt. Pleasant / Awendaw / McClellanville Local Telephone Service

Single Line: $18.54 per month

Includes Local Calling to and from these areas:

Charleston Area Exchanges
Charleston 377, 471, 867
Mt. Pleasant 238
Folly Beach 803
Summerville 900, 269
Awendaw Area Exchanges
McLellanville 209
Awendaw 928

Does not include the Federal Universal Service Charge, Emergency Service Preparation Charge, or the Telecommunications Relay Services Charge.

New customers:

Home Telecom delivers Local and Long Distance telephone service utilizing the latest Fiber-To-The-Home technology. Enjoy crisp, clear service and all of the Calling Features you expect. Best of all, you will enjoy having local technicians and customer service representatives right here in your community to serve you.

Customers Switching from Other Providers:

You have an alternative for Local and Long Distance telephone service and it’s us: Home Telecom. We want to make your switch easy and convenient. You can keep your same telephone number or we will assign a new one if you prefer. Plus, you can have all of the Calling Features you are accustomed to using.

Add Long Distance

Home Telecom Long Distance offers nationwide, 1+ long distance calling backed by our "home-town" personal service. One of our representatives will be happy to help you determine which plan is best for you. Multiple plans are available.

Personal Toll Free

Get your own Toll Free number- the perfect solution for children away at school or relatives in care facilities. Provide your Toll Free number to anyone you wish to call you without incurring a charge. You pay only $.10 per minute with a $2.00 monthly fee.

Electronic Letter of Authorization

Letter of Authorization

Thank you for choosing Home Telecom. Home Telecom local portability allows you to keep your current number while converting from your current service provider. In order to transfer your phone number, Home Telecom will work with your old service provider to ensure that your number is transitioned. We will keep you updated on the status of this request. Please do NOT cancel or place any new service orders with your current service provider. This may cause delays or you to lose the phone number before we can transfer it.

While most local phone numbers can be transferred from one provider to another, there may be cases where Home Telecom is unable to process a request to transfer a phone number. In the event that your phone number is not able to be transferred, we will notify you immediately and provide you with options regarding your Home Telecom service.

Your current service provider requires this Letter of Authorization as proof that you have explicitly authorized and requested that your current telephone number be transferred to another service provider. By filling in all fields below and signing and dating this letter, you authorize Home Telecom to initiate the process of transferring your telephone number so that Home Telecom may provide its service. You will then be able to use your old number with your new Home Telecom service.

Home Telecom

Account Information:

Current Provider

Account Information:


In order to transfer your number to Home Telecom, you MUST mark ALL THREE (3) boxes below:

Upload Bill:



The bill must display your name and number, the carrier’s name, service address and account balance. Also the bill must not be older than 30 days.

By signing below, I authorize Home Telecom or its designated agent to act in my behalf for the purpose of porting the telephone number listed above from my current local exchange carrier to Home Telecom. By signing below, I also authorize Home Telecom or its designated agent to transfer my current telephone number(s) so that Home Telecom may provide its service. By signing below, I also authorize Home Telecom or its designated agent to obtain billing information, customer service records and other network information required to provide me with Home Telecom service. I understand that I may consult with Home Telecom as to whether a fee will apply to this change.

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