Moncks Corner / Harleyville / St.George Local Telephone Service

Single Line: $20.00 per month

Does not include the Federal Universal Service Charge, FCC Subscriber Line Fee, Access Recovery Fee, Emergency Service Preparation Charge, or the Telecommunications Relay Services Charge.

Includes Local Calling to and from these exchanges:

Moncks Corner Area Exchanges
Cross 753
Lebanon 688
Huger 336
Macedonia 565
Jamestown 257
Moncks Corner 719 761 899 482
Harleyville Area Exchanges
Harleyville 462
St. George 560 563 636 638
Moncks Corner / Harleyville Local Telephone Service

SafeGuard Wire Plan: $6.25 per month

Government Mandated Charges

Local Calling Area

We realize that many people in our service area make many, if not most, of their “long distance” calls to areas close to home. So we offer Local Zone Calling, a service to enable you to call within certain “zones” or LATAs (Local Access Transport Areas) at lower rates.

With Local Zone Calling:

  • You dial the 10-digit telephone number you're calling. If you dial 1+ the Area Code, your call will be charged at your regular long distance rate.
  • Call detail is provided unless you select the Flat Rate Option.
  • Local Zone Calling is a one-way, outgoing service.
  • Each telephone line you have requires its own option.
  • There is no installation or setup charge.

To learn more about 10-digit dialing see the Voice FAQs.

Measured 3.5¢ Option

All calls made within your Local Calling Zone using seven or 10-digit dialing are only 3.5¢ per minute. 50¢ monthly fee.

Flat Rate Option

Unlimited calling to the Tri-County area (Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Counties) for $14.60 per month. Calls to the remainder of the Coastal Calling Zone are 4.5¢ per minute. 

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