Why You Still Need a Landline



Many households are ousting their landlines for cell phones, but we advise you to reconsider. While having a cell phone is nearly a necessity in today’s world, because it is portable, landlines are still a must-have. We highlight the top reasons why you should consider continuing your landline service.


Think about if there are statewide or national emergencies, such as a flood, hurricane, tornado or earthquake. If a cell phone cannot charge, it is useless. However, if you have a landline, you can place emergency calls, which can save someone’s life. Having a basic phone that is not cordless is necessary for emergencies. Phone lines are associated with addresses, which makes it easy for 911 operators and police or fire departments to know your exact location in the event that you or your loved one can’t speak.

Fiber and digital voice customers should consider an additional back-up battery to help them during power outages.

Voice Clarity

Many freelancers and people that work from home appreciate the clarity of a landline. Additionally, it makes it significantly easier if you have a dead zone in your house. Landlines give you the ability to walk around and talk without experiencing static. You’ll be able to stop asking, “Can you hear me now,” if you use a landline.

Health Concerns

A hotly debated subject is still health concerns surrounding regular cell phone use. Researchers are looking at if cell phones have a connection to many medical conditions, ranging from anxiety, chronic pain, decreased immune system and eye problems to cancer.

Keeping Your Number

Many people have had their home telephone number for years. You would be surprised how many companies, offices and other important contacts have your home telephone number. If you discontinue your landline service, you will lose this number, which can be a big inconvenience.

Theft or Damage

If your cell phone is misplaced or stolen and you do not have a landline, it can be difficult to contact people or even obtain a replacement phone.


It is important to not use your cell phone to give out critical data, such as credit card numbers. Some cellular phones use radio frequencies, making it easy for thieves to intercept information and sell it. Landlines offer you privacy, making it difficult for thieves to listen in to conversations, find out your schedule and break into your home.

So, before you consider ditching your landline, consider all the pros to staying hard wired.