Top 10 Computer Shortcuts You Need In Your Life



We all love shortcuts; after all, they make our lives easier and more productive. Whether you’re a student or on the job, knowing these top 10 computer shortcuts can help make your time sitting in front of the computer more amiable.

  • CTRL + C (COPY) - This is the shortcut for “copy.” To quickly copy text from one area or program to another, highlight the text or image and press CTRL + C to make a copy. See CTRL + V below about how to insert the saved text.
  • CTRL + X (CUT) - If you need to move text from one area to another, use the “cut” feature by highlighting the text and hitting CTRL + X.
  • CTRL + V (PASTE) - Once the text is copied or cut, put the screen cursor where you want to paste the text and then insert it by selecting CTRL + V.
  • SHIFT + ARROW (HIGHLIGHT) - To highlight specific text, use the SHIFT key and any arrow keys in combination. Simply hold down the shift key and press either the right or left arrow keys to highlight a letter, word or section. This allows you to highlight a section without using your mouse.
  • CTRL + Z (UNDO) - If life could have an “undo” button, CTRL + Z would be it. You can go back one single action or continue pressing CTRL + Z to undo several previous actions.
  • CTRL + Y (REDO) - Just like undoing an action, you may decide you need to redo the last action. If you need to do this, simply press CTRL + Y. As a bonus, you can continue pressing these buttons and redo several features you undid.
  • CTRL + F (FIND) - When you need to find a word or phrase within a document or on an Internet page, simply press CTRL + F to open the “Find” box. It will then find the word or phrase you are looking for and highlight it, making it easy to go through each occurrence.
  • CTRL + N (NEW) - Whether you need to open a new Microsoft Word document or a new tab in your Internet browser, you can accomplish this by hitting CTRL + N. It will open a new window in the program or tool you are currently using.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + T (RESTORE) - We’ve all closed an important website by accident. This little shortcut can save you significant time. Select CTRL + SHIFT + T and it will reopen the tab you closed. Accident averted!
  • CTRL + P (PRINT) - If you want to print a document, press CTRL + P on a PC or CMD + P on a Mac. The print window will automatically pop up.