The Latest Gadgets for Dog Lovers



If you’re a dog lover, you will flip over the latest dog gadgets. Whether you want to give your dog a dose of the good life or improve his lifestyle, we have the latest high-tech gadgets that are sure to make Fido’s tail wag!

  • Dyson Groom – This vacuum attachment gets deep into those crevices that rapidly become dog hair collection zones. Whether you need to zap your clothing, upholstery or carpets of dog hair, this grooming attachment is an affordable solution.
  • Pet Chatz – If you want to have a video conference with your dog while you are away from home, Pet Chatz is the latest technology for you. You can check in on your dog while you are at work, give them treats using the device and have peace of mind knowing what Fido is doing while you are away.
  • Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer – Using the famous psychological Pavlovian method to train puppies, this device helps prevent accidents while decreasing your fear of potty catastrophes. This trainer recognizes when the dog has gone on the pad and dispenses a reward. Dogs respond well to praise and treats when learning potty training.
  • Tagg Pet Tracker – Whether your dog gets loose or you have a fear that your four-legged friend may run away, this pet tracker makes it easy to track your dog using your Smartphone’s maps app. You can also sign up to receive text and email alerts if your dog goes off the grid.
  • Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System – Garmin has created the Astro Dog Tracking System which helps you find your dog anywhere by giving his last location. Whether your dog roams freely on rural property or he likes to get out of your yard, you’ll rest easy knowing you can get exact GPS coordinates of his location.
  • GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher – Whether you have bad shoulders or your arms just give out playing fetch with Fido, this ball fetcher is sure to save the day! This tool is ideal for big dogs that love to play and never seem to get tired. You can now give your dog the exercise he needs without wearing yourself out.
  • Dart Automatic Laser Pet Toy – If you want to keep your dog entertained then look into this laser toy. Featuring a laser beam that randomly moves around, your dog will never get tired of playing.
  • Wigzi Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash – If you have more than one dog, you know the pain of going for walks and ending up leash tied. Wigzi lets you say goodbye to tangled leashes by letting you walk two dogs with one device. The design makes it so the leashes are not able to cross over each other. Ingenious? We think so.
  • The Canine Shower Stall – If you have a big dog, you know the heartache of bath time. Opt for this specialty stall and keep your family’s bathroom clean. This stall is designed to keep Fido contained, which makes bath time and clean-up easier for both of you.
  • Go-Go Dog Pal – Using an RC controller, this game lets you play with Fido. It features a little critter that you can drive around using the controller. Fido can run, play and chase this toy around for hours.
  • Pet Cube – Whether you’re away from Fido for work or play, the Pet Cube has you covered. You can interact with your dog by playing games, which features a laser pointer. You can also use the two-way speaking function to give Fido love and praises or scold him for eating the remote control.
  • WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain – If your dog is outdoors, this fountain is a necessity. When your dog approaches the fountain, it will automatically turn on. When your dog leaves, it will automatically turn off. This is perfect for cooling the pups down during summertime.
  • Dog Cooling Bed – During the summer months, it can be hard to keep Fido from getting overheated. Now you can add this cooling bed to their indoor or outdoor bedding and keep them cool during those hot months.
  • PetZen Dog Treadmill – If you have a chubby or overweight dog, this treadmill is an excellent addition to Fido’s everyday routine. You can now take Fido for walks without experiencing harsh weather or even hot pavement, which can burn their paws.
  • Halo Mini Dog Collar – If you’re frustrated not seeing your outdoor dogs at night or want them to be more visible during your walks, then this light up collar is for you.
  • Petnet – If you’re on the go and busy, Petnet lets you feed your pets using your Smartphone. If you have to work late or have plans to see a show with friends, you can log in from your Smartphone and make sure your dogs are fed at the same time every day.
  • Whistle Dog Activity Monitor – Size up how much exercise your dog is getting with this activity monitor. You can track his activity and get statistics, which will make it easier to keep any extra pounds off Fido.
  • FitBark – If you have a pudgy dog and need him to get more exercise, consider using FitBark. This device helps track Fido’s daily activity, eating schedules and much more.
  • Nite Ize Light Up Ball – If your pooch likes to play fetch at twilight, consider purchasing this light up ball. Just make sure the area is clear of objects, so Fido doesn’t go barreling into something he can’t see and get injured.