Business Connections - Winter 2018



"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

This quote from Henry Ford is a fitting way to introduce our Winter ’18 issue of Business Connections, which looks at what can be accomplished with teamwork. The theme begins on page 3 with a reminder that Tradition is Not a Business Model. As a business leader, make sure you inspire your team to look for innovative ways to improve customer service and efficiency.

On pages 4 and 5, you’ll find a Business Spotlight on Cantey Tech Consulting. Headquartered in Charleston, this business takes a team approach to IT support. As a result, its clients get fast resolutions to their issues and benefit from a broadrange of expertise. Home Telecom is proud to meet the demanding speed and reliability requirements of Cantey Tech Consulting with our Business Class Internet.

Strong Teams Make Strong Businesses, as we explore on page 6 by sharing five keys to building a better team. Elsewhere in this issue, we feature one of the members of Home Telecom’s team, Sales Engineer Howie Baumer.

Let’s see what kind of success we can build in 2018 when we combine the strongteam at your business with the strong team at Home Telecom. Contact us anytimeto start moving forward together.

William S. Helmly
President & COO
Home Telecom

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