Wearable Tech is the Top Trend for Fitness in 2019



The American College of Sports and Medicine conducted an annual survey of over 2,000 fitness professionals for the 13th time this year to find what is trending in health and fitness for the upcoming year, and to no surprise, wearable technology took the number one spot.

What qualifies as wearable technology?

Any smart device that is wearable on your body is counted as wearable technology. The most recognizable of these is the Fitbit or the Apple Watch, which has been seen on the wrists of many athletes or fitness professionals since their introduction.

What can these devices do?

The technology in these devices can do so much more than a simple step counter could do for fitness fanatics in the past, such as:

  • Count steps
  • Monitor heart rates
  • Track progress
  • Set goals
  • Compete against other users or form accountability groups
  • Some can even track calories for easier healthy eating

Why the spike in popularity?

There are many reasons why wearable technology is taking the fitness world by storm in 2019. Much of it can be attributed to better technology for more accurate calculations, but also:

  • Lightweight devices with multiple functions
  • Increased emphasis in the workplace on employee health and fitness
  • Affordability of newer products

From children to seniors alike, these wearable fitness trackers can help improve the health and fitness for anyone by having the technology available at their fingertips to track their current routines and make a plan to improve their goals to stay healthy and active.