Breakthrough Shaking Up the Tech World in 2019



Technology is moving faster than we have ever experienced, but there are certain trends in 2019 that are going to really change the way we use technology. With everything from cloud-based technology to vast improvements in artificial intelligence, these three big trends are what we can expect from in 2019.

Blockchain Privacy

Blockchain is a type of data sharing and encryption that is easily accessible by anyone. It doesn’t come from one source, but rather thousands of computers that record and update the same data. This type of technology makes it a no-brainer for security companies to use when finding new ways to protect sensitive information stored on everything from banking and investments to shopping sites, so that hackers can’t access any one source for the information. This will prove invaluable to users as online transactions become more and more common.

With such robust technology, this means that blockchain:

  • Isn’t controlled by any single entity, making it harder for hackers
  • Could assist in documents never being lost in the transition of versions
  • Has no single system to fail

Generative Adversarial Networks

Although a big phrase, what GAN means is basically two computers dueling against one another to become smarter. For example, one computer may create something, and the other one has to determine whether their creation is real or fake. What does this mean for technology?

  • Basic security measures to rule out computers, like CAPTCHA, may no longer be effective
  • Security companies will have to up their game in technology to keep user information safe

It’s not all bad. These dueling artificial intelligence can lead to breakthroughs in everything from medicine to transportation.

Three-Dimensional Printing for Metals

3D printing is now mostly limited to plastics and paper, which is why most companies are not willing to spend the money to invest in one of these machines. Metal becoming a viable option for 3D printing could change the game for many manufacturing processes, including:

  • Making production for small business less expensive, possibly evening the playing field.
  • More precise mass production of small parts for everything from cars to jewelry.
  • Possible easier production of electronics, bringing down price points for newer devices.

With all of these advances, it’s no wonder 2019 is being seen as a leap in technology.