Ten Tech Gifts to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day



Flowers and candy are lovely ideas, but the best gifts you can give your Valentine stand the test of time for the entire year. Tech gifts are on everyone’s lists this year for both giving and receiving, and if you are curious about the best ones, see below.

  • Smart Pencil Stylus - Studies show that the mind retains much more by putting pen to paper when taking notes, writing or even doodling, so it makes sense that in this technology-heavy world that we should be able to do just that without the bulk of the paper of past. This FiftyThree 53PW06 smart pencil allows iPhone and tablet users to record their notes or drawings in their own hand, with the convenience of easy access and portability. Cost: $59.99
  • Withings Activity and Sleep Tracking Smart Watch - More than just a beautiful piece for your wrist, this smartwatch helps you improve your health by tracking everything from your activity level to your sleep patterns. Matched with Withings Health Mate app, this watch will have you moving and sleeping better in no time. Cost: Starting at $105
  • Portable Mobile Protector - Perfect for the fitness fanatic who loves to follow along with their workouts on apps like YouTube, this mobile projector can have them feeling fit without the hassle of a small screen. Including a remote control, HDMI hookup, USB charger and a mini tripod, the RIF6 not only saves your fitness routine or even your camping trip, but every one purchased helps to support the worthy cause of the company’s Keep A Child Alive Mission. Cost: $224.99
  • Tile Mate - Everyone has that one friend or family member that could lose their own glasses while they were sitting on their noses. The Tile Mate is a great option to help your forgetful Valentine find their keys, wallet or anything else they often misplace by allowing them to track its location through an app on your phone and ring a noise within 100 feet of the item, and even locate your phone with just a double click of the Tile Mate. Cost: $89 for a pack of four
  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer - This Bluetooth connected photo printer is a great option for those nostalgic for the days of the Polaroid, but don’t want to invest in a separate, bulky camera when they could use their smartphone. Printing 2” x 3” sticky-back photos straight from the machine, you’ll never want to leave home without this travel-friendly instant memory sharer. Cost: $130
  • 360 Samsung Camera - Rivaling the popularity of the GoPro, this camera is most friendly to those devoted to the Android market, particularly Samsung Smartphones. Great for the traveling friend who loves to record every inch of their discoveries, this camera can allow them to view the pictures and videos from an Android app easily. While not too compatible with the iPhone universe, a rumored iOS app is in the works. Cost: $225
  • The FitBark Pet Tracker - Have you ever wondered if your pet is slowing down, or if it’s all in your head? The FitBark Pet Tracker can give your pet-loving Valentine the answers they crave by tracking their pet’s activity and sleep patterns and reporting it all to an easy-to-use app. The waterproof dog bone shape fits right onto your beloved furry friend’s collar and is a must for owners of senior dogs or dogs with disabilities. Cost: $69.99
  • Anker Portable Power Bank - With our dependence on smart devices to do everything from keeping our schedules to be our navigators, a power source to keep them charged in a must have at all times. The Anker Portable Power bank PowerCore 2100 is enough to charge everything you would need from computers to phones, so you’ll never be left in the technology dark. Cost: $40 now on sale
  • Rabbit Automatic Electric Wine Screw - Traditional corkscrews can become an exhausting feat, especially when serving your best at a party or event. To help keep the wine flowing without the hassle, the Rabbit Automatic corkscrew does all of the work for you, without the mess of getting pesky pieces of cork in your finest wine. Cost: $42.99