The Skinny on Smart Scales: More than just Weight



Expert fitness trainers all agree that the number on a scale is the last thing that someone looking to get healthier should focus on when trying to become more fit. Muscle weighs more than fat, and several factors contribute to the overall composition of a healthy body. The newest smart scales are measuring more than weight now, so if you are interested in the best route to a healthier lifestyle, see below for the skinny on smart scales, as well as the best available on the market.

What can a smart scale measure?

Smart scales can show you your current weight, but also so much more. They can also measure:

  • Water weight fluctuations
  • Muscle Mass
  • Body Fat percentage

All of these numbers combined can help you to get a much more rounded view of your overall current health.

How can they help you track progress?

The human mind is an amazing machine, but even the sharpest can sometimes not be able to see past the numbers on a scale to actual progress being made. A smart scale can pair with your other smart devices such as iPhones or tablets through an app to record those numbers each time you step on the scale and keep track of your progress for you. This way, you can see a solid graph of changes happening in your body without having to look for the results yourself.

How do they work?

Smart scales use small, painless electric currents sent through your feet to gather information using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, or BIA. Fancy words aside, BIA is meant to create an overall picture as well as monitor big health changes over time, so the small numbers shouldn’t be taken too much to heart. Nothing is perfect, even science.

Smart Scales Available

  • Withings Body+ - This scale is full of fun features for up to eight users in your household. It can measure weight, body composition, track with more than 100 fitness apps and even show you the weather in the morning. Cost: Starting at $74.99
  • Eufy Smart Scale - A simpler, sleek machine, the actual scale only displays weight but can measure up to 12 other functions through its application. Cost: $39.99
  • Renpho Bluetooth Smart Scale - Hailed as user-friendly, accurate and affordable, this smart scale boasts 11 health measurements, but much like the Eufy will only display weight when on the scale. Cost: $27.99