Eco-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Home



The technological age we live in means breakthroughs in everything from medical care to communication, but one of the best ways to take advantage of new technology is by making important ecological changes that will benefit not only you but also help to protect our natural resources.

Energy efficient features have become more important to homebuyers. If you are looking to upgrade your home for yourself or to help it sell, these four changes can allow your home to stand out and possibly reduce your energy bills.

Natural Resource Upgrades

Indoor Gardens - Indoor green spaces are no longer limited to windowsills or potted plants, but can also be grown as a “living wall” in your home. Many plants can be controlled to grow indoors with little or no sunlight and can provide natural insulation, fresh air, humidity control and even lower your energy bills by requiring less air to cool a room with these indoor plants.

Green Roofs - Add some color and some cooling benefits with a green roof on your home. A green roof is exactly what it sounds like - a roof that is covered in plants. Not only does this add some very nice curb appeal to an otherwise ordinary home, but it can also help reduce storm run-off, provide natural insulation, serve as a peaceful space for homeowners or pets and even add years of life to your existing roof.

Technology Upgrades

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs - LED bulbs have been around a long time, but they are just recently rising to popularity. Not only do they require less energy to work, meaning lower bills in your home, but they last years longer than a traditional bulb and come in a variety of warm or cool colors to light your home exactly how you like. It’s estimated that if every household changed just one bulb to an energy efficient one, 2.5 million more homes could be lit for an entire year.

Smart Homes - With smart devices now available, you can control lighting, temperature, sprinkler systems and appliances from the click of a button on your smartphone. Not only does this add a tremendous amount of convenience for any homeowner, but it can help to reduce energy costs by taking the human component out of it. These devices also blend seamlessly into our homes with sleek designs and user-friendly technology that’s easy for anyone to operate.

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