Top-Rated Work From Home Tips and Services



Top-Rated Work From Home Tips and Services

Whether you are temporarily working from home due to COVID-19 or are making a more permanent change and have decided to adapt to a work from home lifestyle going forward, Home Telecom has some helpful tips for you. We compiled a list of top streaming services and programs to help boost your productivity and minimize your downtime.

Best Virtual Meeting Platforms

Even though you work from home, it’s still nice to participate in virtual face-to-face conversations with employees, management and clients. Virtual meeting services work to connect team members globally, so despite physical locations, everyone can collaborate and brainstorm together.

The most successful companies have one thing in common: communication. They understand how vital regular communication is to their company’s longevity.

Here are our top five virtual meeting platform picks for today’s work from home age.

  • Zoom - Zoom allows you to conduct simple online group meetings and to message on an easy-to-use platform.
  • Skype - Long considered one of the top virtual meeting platforms for both personal and business use, Skype offers free video conferencing services.
  • Microsoft Teams - This chat-based workspace is in Office 365 and lets teams get together, share content and converse, allowing for easier collaboration.
  • GoToMeeting - This platform allows companies to conduct virtual meetings with up to 1,000 people.
  • Slack - A little different from your traditional virtual meeting platform, but participants can quickly message other team members without the hassle of composing an email. Think of it as texting for work.

Helpful Work From Home Tips

Whether you’re new to working remote or a seasoned veteran, we have 10 work from home tips you can’t live without this COVID-19 season.

  1. Regular Work Hours- Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to slack off and oversleep. Maintain your normal, regular work hours to have a better schedule.
  2. Morning Routines - Create a morning routine that helps you get motivated to start your day. Whether it’s exercising, tidying up the house, walking the dog or making coffee, it’s important to create a routine that helps you get mentally and physically ready for work.
  3. Ground Rules - It’s impossible to be productive if other members of your household are talking to you, blaring music, watching TV or continually interrupting. Designate an area of your house - preferably a room with a door - to help ensure that your productivity doesn’t suffer.
  4. Breaks - Schedule regular breaks, including a lunch hour, so you can have a chance to recharge. Close the Door - Don’t hesitate to close the door on your workspace at night or even take a short walk outdoors to get moving and leave work behind for a short while.
  5. Ask, Ask, Ask! - If you just started working from home and your employer hasn’t given the necessary equipment you need - such as a monitor, mouse, chair, printer or software, make sure that you ask. Make sure your workspace is comfortable.
  6. Socialize with Coworkers - Working from home for many people can feel isolating. Make sure that you get enough social interaction, whether you’re using Slack or video conferencing to conduct meetings.
  7. Be Heard - Use video conferencing to have your ideas heard by management and colleagues.
  8. Sick Days - If you’re not feeling well, don’t be afraid to call in sick. If you wouldn’t want to go into a physical office because you’re feeling under the weather, make sure not to wear yourself out just because you work from home. Sometimes sick days are warranted and much needed!
  9. Be Positive - Remaining positive during hard times is essential! If you work remotely, you’ll need to make sure that your writing tone is positive and upbeat. So learn to embrace emojis and exclamation points!