DIY Home E-Learning Spaces and Tips



If your college or your children’s school has been temporarily closed due to COVID, you might be worrying about how you can manage learning from home until we have a better way to control the spread of this pandemic.

Home Telecom has put together several tips and trips to set up a productive learning environment for adults and children alike.


Creating a routine is essential for people of all ages, especially when creating a learning space at home. Here are some helpful ways to minimize the impact of your schedules.

  • Get up and get dressed at the same time each day, as though you are getting ready to leave the house.
  • Try to keep the same breakfast and lunch routines.
  • Keep the same breaks that you got at school, whether it’s a break between classes or one for exercise.

Physical Space

While everyone’s physical learning space will be different, there are some characteristics each space should have to help ensure a thriving learning environment.

  • A well-lit space is necessary, and if possible, natural light is preferable.
  • Avoid sitting on the floor at a coffee table and have a comfortable sitting chair and table with the appropriate height for working on a computer or laptop.
  • Be near a power outlet if you require computer access to help minimize low battery disruptions.


To help avoid eye strain, read or use computer screens in well-lit areas. Regular room lights may not be sufficient to support staring at a computer screen for extended periods. Try setting up a table or small desk near a window to maximize natural light.


While it’s important to be comfortable while you’re learning, you must have a good chair that promotes a healthy posture. It would be best if you also kept in mind that it’s necessary to stand and move around frequently too.

When sitting in a chair, make sure that your feet are flat on the floor with a 90-degree bend at the ankles. You should be able to rest your forearms on the table comfortably. If you are typing on a computer, you shouldn’t stress your wrists or joints.

Recreate your physical learning space as much as possible. Phones are likely not allowed in classrooms, so put your phone in another area of your home where you won’t succumb to distractions.


A virtual delivery system usually means that it’s essential to have a reliable power source nearby to ensure that your laptop or computer has a full charge. However, you need to avoid placing a long power cord across the floor, which could become a dangerous tripping hazard.

There are plenty of excellent online learning options to take your studies to the next level. For example, has a variety of online courses and classes that help supplement your education. If you’re still in quarantine, now is an excellent time to learn a new academic skill.