American Artist Appreciation Month Celebrates Lowcountry Artists



August is American Artist Appreciation Month. When most people consider great American artists and painters, Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Mary Cassatt and Andrew Wyeth come to mind. But, South Carolina’s Lowcountry has a wide selection of local artists that we celebrate during August.

Unlike traditional European classic painters, American artists have embraced a variety of art mediums, including painting, photography, installation art, sculpture, textile art, etching, composing, quilting, and more. American art is based on a mix of Art Deco, Postmodernism, Abstract Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Pop Art and Cubism, to name a few.

Charleston and its surrounding area are filled with a history of hardships, creativity, romance, brilliance and perseverance.

Some famous historical artists from the area include Henry Benbridge (1743-1812), an early American portrait painter. Hetty Benbridge (1776) was also an American painter of miniature portraits. With roots dating back to colonial America, South Carolina’s artists have impacted our nation, whether it’s drawing portraits of famous Americans or weaving sweetgrass baskets (Mary Jackson).

Modern American Lowcountry Artists are celebrated throughout South Carolina and even nationwide, whether it’s painting coastal waters, capturing a brewing tropical storm or painting marshy grasses.

Here are a few Lowcountry artists that you can see on display throughout the city of Charleston and beyond.

  • Kellie Jacobs - Known for her beautiful seasonal paintings that capture the essence of South Carolina’s marshes and beaches.
  • Rana Jordahl - Focuses on highlighting the color and structure of South Carolina’s wetlands and architecture.
  • Sandra Roper - Enjoys painting series that features her native South Carolina roots. Many of her paintings focus on capturing extraordinary people at work.
  • Norma Morris Cable - Raised on Sullivan’s Island, she loves capturing unique subjects in the Lowcountry area.
  • Gaston Locklear - A native to Garden City Beach, South Carolina, his paintings focus on abstract sea shapes.
  • Ivo Kerssemakers - A Dutch American photographer based in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, focuses on long exposure to develop breathtaking large-format city and landscape photographs without movement or people.

If you’re looking to decorate your home with spectacular Lowcountry artists’ work, consider checking out these valuable resources or directly contacting reputable artists.

Whether you’re looking to collect artwork, decorate your home or give a beautiful gift to a loved one, South Carolina’s Lowcountry artists have created beautiful artwork for centuries. This month we celebrate their incredible accomplishments.