Best New Apps of 2020



2020 is a year that will live in infamy, but fortunately for Apple and Android users, there’s been a slew of fantastic new apps released this year. With the highly coveted release of the iPhone 12, Home Telecom has rounded up the top list of picks, because let’s face it — without apps, your expensive smartphone is just a costly paperweight. So bring a little F-U-N to your life with these must-have apps.

  • HBO Max (Android, iOS) - While this app has all the basic features, it also allows you to download movies and shows for 30 days, making it great for frequent travelers or road trips with the kids. In fact, it’s the only app on the market that lets you stream TV shows, such as “Friends” and Studio Ghibli movies. If you’re already a subscriber to HBO, your login will work with this app, meaning you can forgo the additional $14.99 subscription fees. (Subscription fees apply)

  • Photoshop Camera (Android, iOS) - Adobe’s latest app received a wide release and update in June. This app features an assortment of fun, cool filters that can make any dull photo pop. Whether you need to remove clouds and substitute in a blue sky or you want to take advantage of the fun filters, you can unlock a whole new world of not-your-average selfies. (Free with in-app purchases)

  • Anonymous Camera (iOS) - Created primarily due to current social times, this app can instantly anonymize any picture, covering up faces using solid colors. iPhone XS and newer models can also block out entire bodies. The app lets you erase metadata from photos, making them impossible to trace once you post online. (Free with in-app purchases)

  • Pokémon Smile (Android, iOS) - A great new app for kids is Pokémon smile, which uses Nintendo’s iconic video characters to make sure that kids brush their teeth correctly. Fights at bedtime will be a thing of the past, as this app turns brushing teeth into a fun-filled game. Kids point the selfie camera at themselves while they brush, and characters guide kids where and how long to brush. In the days of quarantine, this might also be an entertaining game for adults. (Free)

  • Signal (Android, iOS) - While it’s not a new app this year, it’s considered one of the best apps for 2020. Signal is a secure, safe way to message people without surveillance or data harvesting. Using comprehensive encryption technology, only the sender and recipient can view messages. (Free)

  • Craigslist (Android, iOS) - We know that Craiglist has been around for what feels like eons, but it got an official mobile app in December 2019, but obviously with pandemic-related news, the news of this app got pushed to the wayside. Whether you need to rent an apartment, sell furniture or buy an RV, use this third-party app for easy viewing. (Free)