Home Telecom going All-Digital in 2013



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - MONCKS CORNER, SC February 22nd – Beginning on March 1st, Home Telecom will starttransitioning to an all-digital delivery method for video television services. At the completion of this transition, a digitaldevice will be required on every TV in order to receive Home Telecom Video television. Digital Video refers to thetechnology used to transfer signals over the Home Telecom network. The goal is to have the Video system 100% digital by year’s end.

“In the space needed to deliver one analog channel, Home Telecom can deliver ten digital channels,” said Will Helmly,President and Chief Operating Officer. “The company plans to use the newly available space freed up by converting thechannels to digital signals to add additional high-definition channels and increase highly requested premium Video onDemand content. This much needed broadband will allow for additional projects in the future as well,” he said. “It’sanother example of how we help our customers ‘LIVE LIFE AHEAD’,” commented Helmly.

To continue receiving the digital channels, customers will need a digital adapter or Digital Video box for every TV that they wish to have Video. Before this transition, customers have been able to tune into Home Telecom’s basic Video channels by just plugging a cable wire into the back of their televisions. The move will affect Limited Basic and Basicservice customers that don't have a Digital Video box. It will also affect customers who subscribe to Home Telecom’smore extensive TV offerings. Essential and Premium tier customers who previously tuned into basic Video channels onextra televisions without the requirement of a Video box, will need a digital device to continue receiving Video on those televisions.

Home Telecom is reaching out by mail, phone, email and door-to-door to deliver and install digital devices, providingone free digital device with remote and free installation of the device.

Once installed, the new digital device will immediately give Limited Basic and Basic service subscribers four additionalchannels, MeTV, Bounce TV, TCN and Live 5, plus offer better picture and sound quality. Home Telecom’s goal is to provide Video customers with an advanced, competitive channel line-up and Video offering. Home Telecom must makethis change to provide the best TV services possible.

Customers can stop by any Home Telecom Business office to pick up their Digital Video boxes and/or adaptersMonday-Friday, 8:30am- 5pm. Installation is quick and easy and instructions will be provided. Customers can alsorequest a box by calling the company (888-746-4482), or by visiting the website dedicated to the all-digital upgradewww.HomeDigitalDifference.com.

About Home Telecom
Home Telecom is an independent telecommunications company based in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, employing166 telecommunications professionals and serving over 20,000 customers across a large portion of the South CarolinaLowcountry – Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties. As an integrated communications provider driven byan all-digital central office and utilizing a variety of technologies, most notably Fiber-to-the-Premise, Home Telecomdelivers Telephone, Video, High Speed Internet, Security and Wireless services.


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