31 Days of Home Learning Science Activities and STEM Projects


home learning science activities

Countdown to Halloween with 31 days of home learnign science activities and STEM projects! Get your kids involved in fun, engaging activities that are educational and entertaining.

STEM is an acronym that means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Each activity or project incorporates at least two of these STEM studies into each lesson.

Join our October Halloween home learning science activities and STEM adventure challenge!

  1. Halloween Apps and Tech - Educational, fun and free, kids can use tech to explore this spooky month!
  2. Gummy Mummies - Make gummy mummies that mimic the shape of lego figures and combine learning history with science.
  3. Creepy Crawly Spider Soap - Teach kids to make soap and incorporate some fun creepy, crawling spiders.
  4. Scented Halloween Crystals - Durable and fun, help kids get in the Halloween spirit by creating decorations.
  5. Screaming Ghost Balloons - Use this creative activity to help children learn more about sounds.
  6. Pumpkin Catapult - Use legos to make a pumpkin catapult and learn more about engineering marvels.
  7. Optical Illusions - Explore the tricks of the eyes with these optical illusions.
  8. Spider Web Vibrations Science - Teach kids to make a giant spider web to learn more about how spiders use vibrations to help sense their surroundings.
  9. Candy Science - Study the science of candy making by exploring the chemistry behind delicious sweet treats.
  10. Shooter Toys - Kids can learn more about engineering with this fantastic activity.
  11. Ghostly Engineering Structures - Challenge young engineers and architects to build these amazing structures.
  12. Glow-in-the-Dark-Jello - Learn the science behind polymers in this fun snack-packed adventure.
  13. Halloween Brush Bots - Featuring a super cute bot!
  14. Pressed Sugar Science - An easy, fun activity for kids of all ages.
  15. Dissolving Candy Pumpkins Science - With all the extra candy laying around in October, take advantage of it and use it to learn.
  16. Candy Pumpkin Engineering Challenge - Explore engineering concepts and incorporate these with candy for an extra fun, special educational learning treat.
  17. Halloween Candy Science Kit - This kit features science supplies and candy, making it great to use year-round.
  18. Layered Lollipops - Kids can learn about density with this fun, edible experiment.
  19. Fruit Battery - Kids can learn about currents, battery cells and voltage by building a battery from squash and pumpkins, and when they’re done, they can power an LED light!
  20. Glow in the Dark Bath Bomb - Exploring chemistry has never been more engaging than making bath bombs with spooky surprises.
  21. Glow Salt Circuit - A great activity that is easy and fun for dark, nighttime adventures.
  22. Squishy Circuits - Make squishy circuits to power LED lights and learn about conductive properties.
  23. Glow in the Dark Oobleck - A glow in the dark oobleck that glows with or without a black light is sure to entertain kids.
  24. Halloween Oobleck Spider Search Game - This innovative party game takes ooblecks to a whole new level.
  25. Glow in the Dark Slime - Perfect for Halloween parties, the addition of paint makes this a super fluffy, fun slime.
  26. Monster Eye Bath Bombs - Mixing art and chemistry, this activity lets kids create spooky bath bombs.
  27. Self Inflating Ghosts - Kids will enjoy this fun chemistry experiment!
  28. Halloween Fizzing Pumpkin Treasure - The chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda makes this a fun foaming pumpkin activity.
  29. Puking Pumpkins - Instead of exploding volcanoes, consider creating puking pumpkins.
  30. Lava Lamp - Kids can create their very own lava lamp for their rooms while learning about the science behind it.
  31. Glow Milk Plastic Activity - Learn how to make eco-friendly plastic from milk.

Whether you pick or choose some activities or want to do one a day for October, these home learning science activites and STEM experiments will be a hit with your kids and their friends.


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