Best New iPhone Apps of 2022 Spring Edition


Best New iPhone Apps of 2022 Spring Edition

If you’re a techie at heart and love downloading the latest apps to your smartphone, look no further than this roundup that features the best new iPhone apps of 2022.

Best New iPhone Apps

We’ve rounded up the top 10 best new iPhone apps of 2022 that you need in your life.

  • BetterSleep - This personalized sleep app is designed to give you more "restful nights and wakeful days," and with more than 600,000 reviews and 55 million downloads, users agree. Ninety percent of users report an improvement in their overall sleep quality, and 87 percent say they wake up well-rested. In today's day of stress and sleepless nights, no one can afford not to give this helpful app a try. (Free trial on iOS.)
  • Fit500 - This best new app works alongside Apple's Health app, digging even deeper into the statistics and numbers that matter to you when you workout. If you love to work out and want to compare your runs this month to last month or even your swimming times, this app will give you summaries of exercises and progress reports to help you work towards your goals. (iOS)
  • Halide Mark II Pro Camera - Try the free trial of this new app and put the powerful functions to work for you. This app is also designed to combine Apple’s processing with pro photographers' needs, making it easy to work on RAW formats. (iOS)
  • TouchRetouch - Finally, an easy-to-use app that lets you eliminate unwanted elements from photos. Whether you need to remove blemishes, large objects from pictures or clone one part of an image to another, you can use this intuitive app to take your photo editing skills to the next level. (iOS)
  • 8mm Vintage Camera - This fun app lets you transform your videos into something that appears to have been shot anywhere between 1920 and 1970, depending on what filters you choose. (iOS)
  • Book Tracker - If you're anything like us, it's hard to keep track of your library of books. Enter Book Tracker. This new app is designed to track your library of books to help you keep tabs on collections, which books you physically have in your home and those you want to buy. If you're a bookworm, check out this app. (iOS)
  • Infuse 7 - If you have an extensive collection of movies, but limited space on your iPhone, check out Infuse 7. Quickly turn your video collection into a searchable library so you can quickly scan your collection of movies. (iOS)
  • Kiff - You've probably noticed how the cost of groceries has skyrocketed. Kiff is designed to help you waste less food. The app lets you keep track of any fresh foods in your home and sends you notifications to remind you not to let them expire or go bad. Easy to use, this app's friendly interface can help you reduce waste and cut down on your grocery bill. (iOS)
  • MeandR - Spring is around the corner, which means that soon you’ll be able to head outdoors to walk and exercise. This app gives you a challenge screen, letting you define a route type or the distance you want to cover. Additionally, you can easily adjust waypoints to avoid any areas. This friendly exercise app is a must-try this year. (iOS)
  • Cosm - We think we can all agree that the last couple of years has been extremely stressful. Cosm is designed to help you focus and calm your mind using a variety of ambient audio compositions, as well as journaling. If you are looking to get your mind in a calmer place, download this app. (iOS)

While some apps are designed to be fun and playful, many breakthrough apps can help boost productivity, physical health, and mental health.

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