Home Telecom Goes Big with Multi-Gig Internet in Nexton


Home Telecom is propelling Nexton’s technology to the next level with the launch of affordable, multi-gigabit residential internet service!

Home Telecom has been offering multi-gig speeds in Nexton for several years, but these services were only available to larger, commercial clients. Now, with this launch, multi-gig speeds are incredibly affordable and attainable. Beginning in August, anyone who lives in Nexton will be able to experience seamless 2 Gig internet speeds.

Nexton residents will not be the only ones benefiting from this launch. Taking this technology upgrade a step further, businesses located in Nexton will also have access to multi-gig internet services with symmetrical speeds reaching up to 8 Gig!

As Nexton’s technology partner, Home Telecom is bringing these incredible speeds to Nexton first!

Nexton is a growing hub of businesses that cannot get their fill of fast internet; and young, tech-hungry families who often work remotely from home, or in flexible co-working spaces like Home Telecom’s Concept on Nexton Parkway - making this the ideal place to introduce next level speeds.

“Nexton is committed to being the area’s top choice to live, work and play in the Charleston region,” said Cassie Cataline, Nexton’s director of Marketing. “Being the first mixed-use community in our area to offer 1 Gig service with GigaFi technology but now having affordable multi-gig service available is huge,” she adds. “With so many renters and homeowners working from home, and businesses expanding their digital offerings, it’s critical to have the most innovative technology available.”

Cataline continues, “We’re proud to have Home Telecom as our partner to keep GigaFi ahead of the technology curve.”

Having flawless, multi-device, multi-user, “big gig” future-proof internet makes performing your online activities seamless. The internet in general (and ultra-fast speeds specifically) are becoming as fundamental in your home and business, as your electricity and water services, so it needs to be just as reliable.

Access to high speed, multi-gigabit internet is a game changer for connected homes with 20+ smart devices. What currently takes 14 seconds to download with 1 Gbps, is now done in a flash of 1 second! Stronger, faster, and a more consistent connection for unlimited mobile and smart devices including streaming services, virtual assistants, virtual reality headsets, online gaming, video teleconferencing, and working from home - all with no lag and ultrafast Wi-Fi.

“Everything Home Telecom does in terms of community partnerships has a purpose, and when we partnered with Nexton in 2013, we knew that Nexton was going to be a community that placed a high value on the technology that’s available to their residents and businesses,” said Home Telecom President and CEO William Helmly. “Together, we anticipated being able to streamline communications and meet the ongoing demands for faster internet speeds by future proofing GigaFi technology.”

“With this launch of affordable, multi-gig service in Nexton, we are still just scratching the surface of what we can do, and we are excited about the endless possibilities ahead utilizing powerful Nexton fiber infrastructure,” Helmly added.

Nexton residents and workers, and even visitors, will be able to experience the speed boost while enjoying outdoor amenities. Home Telecom will be expanding multi-gig service to public Wi-Fi hot spots in Nexton like Brown Family Park, Nexton Square, and Midtown Club.

About Nexton

Nexton is owned by a subsidiary of North America Sekisui House, LLC (NASH), and is managed by Brookfield Properties as part of the Newland communities portfolio. These partners share a deep commitment to sustainable development practices and apply these core values to the vision, planning and development of their communities. Nexton is one of more than 20 communities this partnership manages together across the U.S. For more information, visit  nexton.com .

About Home Telecom

Home Telecom is a locally owned telecommunications provider headquartered in Moncks Corner, SC providing high speed Internet, video, phone, security, and home automation services to residents and businesses in Berkeley, Dorchester, and Charleston counties of South Carolina. They utilize a variety of state-of-the-art technologies, most notably FTTP technology, making them a leader in  providing the fastest broadband internet services in the state. Visit HomeSC.com for details about a local company with a history that spans more than 118 years. 

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