Warning: How to Pay Bills Safely Online


Warning: How to Pay Bills Safely Online

When it comes to paying your bills online, it’s convenient, fast and straightforward, but is it always safe? The short answer is that it’s safe… when you use the proper payment channels. So let’s dive into how to pay bills safely online.

How to Pay Bills Online

When paying your bills online, Home Telecom recommends the following:

  • Bank Approved Payment Systems — Many banks offer free online bill pay. After enrolling in this service, you provide your bank with the bill provider’s information, and they mail the payment on your behalf, deducting the funds from your account.
  • Credit Card Approved Payment Systems — Some credit cards also offer a bill pay feature where you can easily enter your bill provider’s information and set up a payment schedule. You will automatically see a charge on your account.
  • Direct Payments — Paying directly through the site to the billing provider to ensure they receive the payment.

Third-Party Bill Payments

Recently, there has been a rise in third-party bill payment systems, such as DOXO. These bill providers may charge a monthly fee for bill payment services. Home Telecom does not endorse or partner with DOXO or other third-party bill payment services. Payments from DOXO and other third-party billing subscriptions may result in delays, which will result in penalties and late fees in some cases.

How to Safely Pay Your Home Telecom Bill

Home Telecom encourages customers to pay their invoices directly using Home Telecom’s online bill pay platform. Additionally, if you sign up to receive an e-bill and set up auto-bank draft payments, you may qualify to save $10 more per month on your bill. It’s easy to set up, and all you need is your bank routing number and bank account number. Simple. Safe. Easy!


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