Instagram is Considering Removing Your Likes



Instagram is Considering Removing Your Likes

Instagram is in beta testing with a new feature that will hide the number of “likes” (❤️) on your post. #SayWhaaaat

The company says that they would prefer Instagram users to focus on the content you are sharing instead of the number of likes and overall popularity of your posts. Under this new beta test, only the people that share posts will ultimately be able to view the total number of likes, giving users more incentive to share.

This test will also feature something new, a reversion for old posts and it will also remove the total number of likes on videos and photos that are viewable in main feeds, permalink pages and profiles. Only the account’s user can see the total number of likes a post receives. Posts will still show the select names of people that have liked it, but they will forgo the “like” counter.

Instagram cites the reason for this potential long-term change is to have its users focus on interacting with the app instead of only garnishing likes. Some users end up deleting photos that don’t receive enough likes, and since many studies recently have focused on the unhealthy obsession and results of people concentrating solely on garnishing likes and popularity, Instagram is hoping to force a change in how we view social platforms. While social media sites can help foster self-expression and a sense of community and comradery, the adverse effects of social media can include loneliness, anxiety, depression, poor sleep quality and even a negative impact on body image.

So stay tuned for this beta test and let’s see if Instagram can start a positive social media trend! #PositiveVibesOnly