Just a Walk in the Park with Free Wi-Fi!


Let’s face it. Just about anywhere we go these days, we need reliable Wi-Fi. Getting out and enjoying nature, visiting a public park, or kayaking on a local lake doesn’t have to mean you are completely cut off from civilization. When Dorchester County announced they were building the $13 million Ashley River Park, Home Telecom stepped up to provide the high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi in various locations throughout the park.

Want to take a hike along the 30-mile Ashley River to get away from the thrum of traffic but not so far away you can’t call for help, check in at work, or be reachable in an emergency? Home Telecom makes that hike a walk in the park!

Keeping an eye out while the kids take to the new playground or splish-splash around in the splash fountain can get a bit tedious, but with free Wi-Fi, you can read a book, play a game, or do some shopping online to make the most of your time.

Out for a walk with Fido at the Ashley River Park’s two new dog parks, Wi-Fi can turn the dog days of summer into a happy-go-lucky jaunt.

Picnicking, fishing, kayaking – you are never too far away to search for the closest bait shop or share live pictures and videos of your daily adventures with friends and family.

Even if you are just there to get in touch with nature or simply get a tan, you will feel secure knowing you can still be reached – or able to reach out - by text or email.

Contributing to the growth and success of the new Ashley River Park is just another step in Home Telecom’s mission to provide quality high-speed internet and the many related technologies that go with it, to all communities and all residents of the Lowcountry, no matter how far “out in the country” they are!


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