Summer Camps with STEM Opportunities



June marks the beginning of summer vacation and to help fight summertime boredom and boost your children’s learning experiences, Trident Technical College is offering exclusive summer camps for kids and teens.

These innovative summer camp programs are specifically designed to help children expand their interests, boost creativity, help them make new friends and learn essential life skills.

Short one-week programs allow children to explore different classes throughout the summer, which means they meet more children their age, while also further expanding their learning opportunities.

Unlike many traditional summer camps, STEM programs offer children and teens the opportunity to learn about computer technology, math, science, creative arts and culinary arts. Additionally, summer camp topics range from designing comic books, filmmaking and video games to learning more about the U.S. legal system. The college also offers some year-round classes for both children and teens, helping to foster their imagination, creativity and talent.

Listed below are some popular 2019 summer camps .

College Prep

The College offers a variety of college prep classes, including Adulting 101, SAT/ACT Prep for Math and SAT/ACT Prep for Reading and Writing.

Computer Technology

A growing field, instead of letting kids spend their entire summer playing games on their iPads, get them interested in how computer technology works! Classes include App Design, Coding Robots, Digital Character Animation, Minecraft Architecture and Machines, Unreal Game Design, Website Coding and Website Design, and many more!

Creative Arts

If children prefer more creative subjects, the college offers an assortment of unique classes, including: Adventures in Drumming, Art and Soul Theater Camp, Ballet and Jazz Basics, Bath Bombs and Beauty Works, Black and White Photography; Brush calligraphy Art; Choral Camp; Comic Book Character Drawing and Animation; Craft Jewelry Design; Creative Writing Workshop; Drawing FUNdamentals; Fabric and Fashion design; Musical Instrument Discover; Mysteries of History; Not Your Grandma’s Sewing Class; Photography and Photoshop Fun; Pirates and Ghosts of Charleston; The Science of Art; The Very Merry Players Theater Camp; Hooks and Stitches and Yoga Adventure Camp; Young Playwrights, and many more!

Culinary, Baking and Pastry

Don’t let cooking become a dying art! Teach the next generation all about the importance of eating healthy and making delicious meals. The college features an extensive variety of delicious, interesting and unique culinary classes, ranging from basic to more advanced. Class offerings include: American City Classics; Breakfast of Champions; Culinary Boot Camp; Dazzling Desserts; Italian Country Kitchen; Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!; Pastry Boot Camp; The Cookie Week; Traditional Mexican; Wok and Rollin’, Wonderful World of Chocolates, and many more!.

Film and Media

If your child shows an interest in theater, movies or has a flair for drama, consider enrolling them in one of these entertaining classes this summer: Acting for Film, Film Editing, Film Production, Movie Masks and Makeup, Sound for Film and Stop Motion and Claymation.

Leadership Skills

All children can benefit from leadership skills, and while not all high schools offer these types of classes, enrolling your children in a summer boot camp program that focuses on building these skills can help prepare them for college, the real world and their first job. The college offers several leadership building classes, including The Best Version of Me, Etiquette and Manners Matter!, Growing Leaders, Safe Sitter, Summer Boot Club, Super Student Study Skills and more!

Math and Science

Whether your growing student loves or hates math and science, one of these fun, engaging bootcamps are sure to teach them valuable skills. With a fun learning approach, these camps can make them enjoy these subjects in school. Math and science offerings include Algebra, Aviation Adventures, Build It!; CSI Biomedical Investigators, LEGO Mechanics in Motion, Mind-Bending Brain Games, Really Weird Science, Robotics Competitions, Sci-Fi- Week, Science of Toys, Science Whiz Kids, Space Explorers, Spy Detectives, Strategic Board Games, Superhero Science, Tinkering: Inventions and Repairs and many more!

Nature and Outdoors

If your youngster or teen prefers learning more about the great outdoors, one of these unique, innovative classes may be perfect for summer break: Aquatic Adventures; Bugging Out!; Drone Piloting; Farm and Agriculture Life; Fun with Weather; Keeping Honeybees; Outdoor Adventures; Plant Care and Gardening 101; Shark Week; Wilderness Survival and Archery and Zany Zoology.

Young Professionals

For the growing young professional, the College features an assortment of classes, including Aeronautical Science, Animal Health Sciences, Car Mechanics and Repair, Criminal Trial Litigation, Design Engineering: 3-D Printing, Interior Design, Lifesaving Careers, Moneymakers and Stock Stimulators, and more!