The Do’s and Don’ts of Posting on Social Media While on Vacation


The Do’s and Don’ts of Posting on Social Media While on Vacation

Life is about sharing fun moments, and we all want to highlight some of our best memories, which are made on vacation. However, posting on social media can also pose a dangerous threat to you, your family and your loved ones.

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is posting on social media while on vacation. If the wrong person sees the post, they could easily have time to plan and execute a robbery on your home. Even if you limit your posts and sharing to only your friends, you never know who your friends may tell, if someone else has access to their social media logins and even who could view your friend’s phone over their shoulder in a public place. Learn the do’s and don’ts of posting on social media while on vacation.

The Do’s of Posting on Social Media While on Vacation

Honestly, experts will warn against posting any vacation plans while on social media. However, if you regularly post on social media, an extended absence while on vacation may also be a sign that something is amiss. So, if you’re a regular poster and are on vacation, our tips for posting on social media include:

  • Posting or Sharing Previous Memories — Browsing through old photos is a fun way to walk down memory lane, and it's also a great way to clean up your phone’s photo library!
  • Articles — You may not want to read the news while you’re gone, but if you’re reading a book while on vacation or come across an interesting magazine article, why not share your newfound knowledge with your friends?
  • Cute Memes — You can never go wrong posting cute dog and kitten memes or videos.

You can always share post-vacation photos for weeks after you get home. Just use past tense terms, such as, “We were on vacation last week,” or “Back home and missing the South Carolina sunshine!”

The Don’ts of Posting on Social Media While on Vacation

We know it’s tempting to post your daily vacation activities and excursions, but coming home to a burglarized home is never fun and will instantly ruin your stress-free post-vacation glow.

We’ve put together our top three recommendations for not posting on social media while on vacation.

  • Don't Post Pictures — We know it’s tempting to post a photo of dinner or cocktails while on vacation, but remember that GPS-based geotag information is embedded in the photo's metadata.
  • Don't Tag Other People — If you return from vacation early and your friends are still gone, don’t tag them in any photos or status updates. Wait until everyone is back home and then tag them (if they want to be tagged). Additionally, enable the Facebook tag review feature if you don’t want to be tagged in photos or want to approve any tag.
  • Never Post Upcoming Travel Plans — As tempting as it may be, the worst thing you can do is post details of any upcoming travel plans. First, you’ll be giving thieves a heads up when you’ll be gone, and second, they could be waiting for you when you arrive on vacation. Only your closest friends and family should know about your travel plans.

If you want tips for protecting your home while you’re on vacation, read “How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation” now.


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