Best Budget-Friendly Snacks for Football


snacks for footballIf you’re like many football fans, you’ve waited all year for the NFL season to kick off on September 10, 2023. Arguably one of the best ways to celebrate is tailgating or hosting a big game day event at home for friends and family. While grocery prices have increased, you don’t need to sacrifice your get-together this year! Rest assured, we’ve compiled a list of the best budget-friendly snacks for football.

Top-Rated Snacks for Football

While we’ve seen more than a 13 percent increase in our grocery bills this year, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice taste and flavor this football season. We’ve rounded up our top budget-friendly snacks for football this year.

  • Bacon Wrapped Sausages — Nothing says fall more than little smoked sausages wrapped in decadent bacon. Not only is this recipe delicious, but it won’t break your bank account. (Tip: stock up on bacon when it's on sale and put it in the freezer.)
  • Air Fryer Mac and Cheese Bites — Grab a box of your favorite mac and cheese and put your air fryer to use this fall! Not only will your friends be impressed, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be going back for seconds.
  • Cheese Ball — Charcuterie boards are delicious but often not budget-friendly. Make a cheese ball at home, and feel free to experiment with different herbs and seasoning. We’re sure your friends will be impressed, and you’ll be even happier if you stay on budget.
  • Fire Crackers Saltines — Elevate plain saltine crackers by giving them an impressive kick, and you’ll find this recipe is even more pocketbook-friendly than gourmet crackers!
  • Taco Dip — When you think about snacks for football, there’s nothing quite like a good taco dip. We’re sure your friends will love this dip, and you’ll love how you can whip it up in no time.
  • Bunless Burger Bites — If you want to have the flavor of burgers without the cost, opt for these delicious bunless burger bites, which will become your favorite snacks for football.
  • Bean Dip — This five-minute bean dip is not only easy to whip up but is easy to adjust to accommodate your guests’ palette.
  • Mini Black Bean and Cheese Enchiladas — Beans are packed with protein and are budget-friendly compared to traditional meat-based proteins. Try these mini black bean and cheese enchiladas, which make perfect two-bite snacks for football.
  • Diane's Cheap and Easy Beef Chili — If you love the flavor of traditional beef chili, take a peek at this recipe, and you might have the ingredients already in your freezer and pantry.
  • Black Bean Chili — Another great chili option that is meatless focuses on protein-rich beans while keeping things light with vegetables.

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