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best weather apps iPhone

There’s nothing more unfortunate than getting caught in a downpour and being completely unprepared. In preparation for April’s month full of rain showers, we have compiled a list of the best weather apps iPhone and Android which will deliver everything from severe weather warnings to the latest forecast.

Check Out These Best Weather Apps iPhone and Android Now

  • The Weather Channel (Android; iOS: Free) - The Weather Channel’s free app does support ads but gives you detailed weather information, such as wind, visibility, temperature and an hour-by-hour weather prediction. It features a 10-day extended forecast and even includes interactive maps so you can take a peek at Doppler radar data that highlights weather events and rainfall. The app will also notify you about any upcoming severe weather alerts. This is among the most downloaded, best weather apps iPhone and Android. 
  • Emergency Alerts (Android; iOS: Free) - This app is a necessity for emergencies and is brought to you by the American Red Cross. Not only does it track severe weather systems, such as floods, hurricanes, storms and extreme heat, but it will also provide customizable alerts and a map with shelter information should an emergency occur. You can even enter the cities of loved ones so you can track the weather in their region too.
  • NOAA Radar Pro (Android; iOS: Free/$1.99) - Weather can change in the blink of an eye, which is why it’s essential to have an app that can alert you when a severe weather storm is headed your way. This app features real-time radar images with detailed weather information. The iOS version is also compatible with Apple Watch, which allows you to receive severe weather alerts anytime.
  • WeatherBug (Android; iOS: Free) - This free program offers Doppler radar maps, provides air quality info, pollen count, hurricane forecasts and Spark lightning alerts. WeatherBug can provide real-time conditions related to current, hourly and even 10-day forecasts.
  • Hello Weather (iOS: Free) - Hello Weather provides you with current and upcoming weather conditions, including a weekly forecast. The app will even review the weather around you and provide storm details. If you want to add the real-time precipitation estimates and radar, you can opt for the $6.99 annual subscription.
  • Yahoo! Weather (Android; iOS: Free) - Featuring a striking interface that is very informative, the app displays your location, which matches the exact weather conditions and time of day. You can view interactive radar, a five-day forecast and heat and satellite maps.
  • 1Weather (Android; iOS: Free) - A long-time favorite among Android users, this app boasts a clean interface and features a wealth of weather data. View current, hourly, 10-day and 12-day forecasts. All notifications and severe weather alerts are customizable.
  • AccuWeather (Android; iOS: Free) - A superb app that offers hourly, daily and up to 15-day weather forecasts, you can even integrate this information directly with your calendar. The MinuteCast feature includes minute-by-minute forecasts for weather over the next two hours. You can set alerts for severe weather storms, such as thunderstorms, snow, high winds or tornadoes.
  • Weather Live (Android; iOS: Free) - A beautiful app, every weather report features a matching photo so you can visually see the weather predictions. Forecasts highlight current and “feels like” temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, precipitation, 24-hour forecasts and even 7-day forecasts.
  • Weather Underground (Android; iOS: Free) - What makes this a best weather apps iPhone and Android contender on this list is that the app compromises data from more than 30,000 amateur and personal weather stations to deliver local weather forecasts. You can verify reported forecasts and even post your own sky and hazard reports. You can choose to receive severe weather alerts, hourly forecasts up to 10 days and meteorological data.

So whether you’re trying to stay dry this spring or avoid an untimed thundershower, download one (or more!) of these helpful weather apps today so you can plan outdoor outings without the fear of getting soaked.


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