Top 5 Business Productivity Software for 2024 and Beyond


Top 5 Business Productivity Software for 2024

Top 5 Business Productivity Software for 2024

Whether you’re managing a large team of employees or a small remote group, business productivity software is essential to employees’ and company’s success. We’ve compiled a list of the top five business productivity software apps to try in 2024 and beyond, and we think you’ll find that once you’ve incorporated the software, managing employees and day-to-day business operations will become more efficient and streamlined. Even if you’re self-employed, there’s something on this list to help you improve your organizational skills.

1. Todoist

We could all use help organizing our daily work tasks. Todoist lets both personal and work tasks coexist so employees have a better work-life balance and can breathe a little easier seeing their daily schedules at a glance. Todoist focuses on letting you add tasks, breaking them into subtasks, creating projects containing tasks, sharing projects, prioritizing tasks, setting reminders, adding extensions, creating filter views and ultimately completing tasks. You can even add recurring due dates so you won’t miss tasks. The beginner plan is free, the pro plan is $48/year and the business plan is $72/year per user (read more about pricing). Check out Todoist, even if it’s just the free version. Once you start organizing your tasks in today’s chaotic world, you’ll find employees experiencing less stress and anxiety and fewer missed deadlines.

2. Slack

Most employees compose and receive dozens of emails daily. Slack did a study on how to save employees time. By instituting their productivity software, they saved employees 11 hours a week by having them use Slack for intraoffice communication vs. email. Slack makes it easy to chat with other employees to get answers to questions quickly instead of waiting for coworkers or managers to browse through their unread messages. Slack also offers real-time huddles and even group chats so people can brainstorm and communicate with other employees. Whether people are physically in the office, fully remote or a blended team, Slack is a fantastic business productivity software to consider adding to your business in 2024. Slack offers four different pricing plans based on business size and usage. Consider checking out their free version today.

3. Wrike

Wrike is a robust business productivity software used by over 20,000 organizations, including Pfizer, P&G and T-Mobile. Designed as an all-in-one platform, Wrike organizes work, manages projects, enhances employee collaboration and dramatically accelerates project execution by keeping tasks organized. Easily view interactive project schedules via charts, tasks assigned to employees, progress of all tasks, important to-dos, proofing and approvals and report building. Wrike is such a powerful business productivity software that small and large businesses benefit from the features built into this all-in-one solution. Try Wrike for free today, or take a look at pricing plans.

4.Google Keep

Google Keep seamlessly integrates into the current Google suite of products. While it’s straightforward, lacking some of the more robust features of paid note-taking software, it’s an excellent solution for small businesses or self-employed workers. You can download the Google Keep app to your phone, create or edit notes, make lists, create drawings and set up reminders for notes. You can then easily share and work with others to collaborate on projects. Learn more about Google Keep.

5. Trello

Trello is a great business productivity software for more straightforward projects. It offers superb visual and flexible task management with fully customizable project boards. It also easily integrates with various services and third-party apps. Trello focuses on keeping track of tasks, tracking deadlines and notifying team members of upcoming due dates and deadlines. Try Trello for free today, or look at other pricing options.

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