Catching Spammers: Tips for How to Check for Spam Email


check for spam email

Have you ever opened your email to find annoying advertising or clickbait links from unknown sources? Spammers will find any way they can to get you to open their email, which could potentially contain harmful viruses at worst or annoyances at the very least. Thankfully, Home Telecom works with companies that help to prevent spammers from entering your email by creating powerful filters and security measures to check for spam email. However, despite best efforts, sometimes a spammer can find a way through.

How Does Spam Get Through Email?

  • Spammers are continuously looking for backdoors or loopholes to get around the firewalls set up by email providers and allow their emails to come through to primary accounts.
  • Spam email always seems to spike more during the holidays, when advertisers are ramping up their ad campaigns.
  • Spammers will use whatever personal information they can find to make the email more appealing to the filter, such as your name or a compelling subject line that may make you want to open the email.

What Can Be Done to Help

  • While spammers are constantly trying to find a way to get around the filters, the team at our filter provider Edgewave is continually finding new ways to keep them out such as new, reactive rules that help to filter the spam daily.
  • Users can assist Edgewave by reporting emails as spam by clicking the “Spam” button, and not just merely deleting them or ignoring them.
  • Users can also protect themselves by marking emails they find safe or from contacts as “friends,” and marking unwanted emails or spam accounts in “enemies” on their Greymail dashboards.

Check for Spam Email: What Happens if I Open a Spam Email?

  • If you open an email that made it through our spam filters that you feel may be unsafe, be sure not to click any links included in the message, as they could lead to dangerous websites or contain viruses.
  • Mark the email as spam immediately to be reported to Edgewave, and then mark the sender as an enemy in your Greymail.
  • Watch out for similar email addresses from the sender, or similar subject lines that may lead you to believe the email is spam.

To learn more about how to adjust your Spam/Greymail settings, check out our helpful FAQ page.


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