Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day


random acts of kindness day

Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated on February 17th. This nationwide holiday celebrates and encourages acts of kindness, whether it’s a small compliment or a life-changing gesture.

Activities for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Here are some great ideas to help make this altruistic day a success.

  1. Compliment a stranger.
  2. Drop off canned goods at your local food bank.
  3. Donate your hair to Locks of Love.
  4. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you.
  5. Give a dollar to someone in need.
  6. Donate to a charity.
  7. Write a note and tell someone how much you appreciate them.
  8. Write a letter to a senior citizen via Love for the Elderly.
  9. Surprise your coworker with their favorite treat.
  10. Pay for a coworker’s or friend’s lunch.
  11. Let someone go in front of you in line.
  12. Leave a thoughtful, kind note on a stranger’s car.
  13. Call your parents and tell them you love and appreciate them.
  14. Write a letter to a military soldier that is deployed through Operation Gratitude.
  15. Buy flowers and give them to a grocery store cashier.
  16. Write or email a former teacher that made an impact on your life.
  17. Donate blood to the American Red Cross.
  18. Go to dinner and write a thank you note on the check to the server.
  19. Reconnect with a long-lost friend via social media.
  20. Write a thank-you note to a firefighter or police officer.
  21. Cook someone a homemade meal.
  22. Bake some cookies and bring them into work.
  23. Mow your neighbor’s lawn after mowing your lawn.
  24. Leave a positive sticky note on someone’s desk at work.
  25. Leave some quarters at the laundromat.
  26. Go to lunch and leave someone a larger than average tip.
  27. Pay the toll for the driver behind you.
  28. Smile at a stranger.
  29. Hold open the elevator or a door for someone.
  30. Put money in an expired parking meter.
  31. Help someone take a photo.
  32. Give up your seat on the bus, train or subway.
  33. Buy a $5 gift card and give it to a random person.
  34. Bring flowers to a nursing home.
  35. Give up your aisle or window seat to someone in the middle.

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