Celebrating Father’s Day With Movies for Dad


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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by watching time-honored classic movies for Dad that are about him with him.

Our Favorite Movies for Dad This Year

  • “Beginners” (2010) – This movie features Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer, who comes out of the closet and falls in love with a younger man. This highlights the story of a man becoming closer to his son. Additionally, this role won Plummer an Academy Award, and he became the oldest male recipient in Oscar history.
  • “The Descendants” (2011) – Based on the renowned novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings, this movie stars George Clooney. His wife falls into a coma, and the story follows Clooney caring for his troubled teenage daughter (played by Shailene Woodley) and a younger child (played by Amara Miller). This film captures the unique relationship between father and daughter.
  • “Father of the Bride” (1950) – The original version of this movie starred Elizabeth Taylor as the stunning bride and Spencer Tracy as her father. Tracy’s life experiences a disruption when his daughter announces her engagement, causing Tracy to admit that life changes at some point. This movie was a box office success and spurred a remake in 1991 starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton.
  • “East of Eden” (1955) – Starring the iconic James Dean, this movie highlights his relationship with his brother (played by Richard Davalos) as the two compete for their father’s love. This film explores the painful and uncompromising relationship between father and son so it’s no surprise that it earned four Academy Awards.
  • “Field of Dreams” (1989) – This critically acclaimed movie won Kevin Costner accolades and made the saying, “If you build it, they will come,” part of Hollywood history. Ray Kinsella (played by Costner) turns his cornfield into a baseball field, which gives him the ability to play with several ghosts of famous baseball figures. It’s not every day someone gets to play catch with his father’s ghost.
  • “Finding Nemo” (2003) – This classic animated film follows the overprotective Marlin (Albert Brooks) as he overcomes his fears in the deep, dark ocean to rescue his son, Nemo (Alexander Gould). Marlin learns that he can’t keep Nemo in a bubble, but must let him lead his own life.
  • “The Godfather” (1972) – Francis Ford Coppola’s movie is an unforgettable classic. The film highlights the fraternal-paternal mafia succession between father (Marlon Brando) and his son Michael (Al Pacino). Michael doesn’t want to become his father, yet he steadily turns into him, which creates a tantalizing story that has forever influenced the film industry.
  • “Fly Away Home” (1996) – Starring Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin, this movie follows the story of a self-absorbed Dad that must parent his daughter after her mother passes away. Soon the two find common ground by an interest in leading orphaned Canadian geese south for the winter.
  • “He Got Game” (1998) – Spike Lee’s movie stars Denzel Washington and Ray Allen. The plot centers on father-son drama, which revolves around Washington’s character that is paroled from jail for a week to help persuade his son (Allen) to sign with a big name college, which happens to be the governor’s alma mater.
  • “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989) – The third sequel in this spellbinding series features Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and his father Professor Henry Jones, played by Sean Connery. While they search for the Holy Grail, it comes out they have both fallen for the same Nazi woman and must work together to achieve their goals.
  • “Interstellar” (2014) – This sci-fi epic highlights the relationship between both father and daughter. Matthew McConaughey plays a former NASA pilot that is asked to help the world by finding a new habitable planet for humankind. He must leave his children, and he is away longer than he anticipates. This movie showcases how anxieties between work and the greater good can disrupt families, how fathers fear disappointing their children and when we die, we continue watching over our loved ones.
  • “The Lion King” (1994) – Disney’s movie packs a heartfelt punch that shows the relationship between father, Mufasa (James Earl Jones), and his son, Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). Mufasa dies in a stampede, but Simba grows to realize his father, though unseen is always there to guide him. A touching story of mortality, this animated tale leaves audiences in need of tissues and a better understanding of the circle of life.
  • “Taken” (2008) – Highlighting the depth of a father’s love for his daughter, this movie shows that Liam Neeson will do anything to get his kidnapped daughter back. As he uses his “particular set of skills” on thugs, he winds his way through a sex-trafficking ring that leaves audiences undeniably satisfied with the “just deserts” ending.
  • “To Kill A Mockingbird” (1962) – Gregory Peck embodied the role of Atticus Finch, the Southern lawyer, who is unable to hide the harsh reality of segregation from his younger children.

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