Why You Should Look For Fiber Homes With Access to Broadband


Why You Should Look For Fiber Homes With Access to Broadband

When househunting, 90 percent of homebuyers say that high-speed broadband and fiber homes are the most important community feature. In today’s day and age, homeowners need to have reliable, instant access to internet content, especially with more people working from home.

Why Choose Fiber Homes?

There are many broadband network technologies available for homes. However, only all-fiber networks deliver the results that consumers want and need.

  1. Fiber Homes Offer High-Speed Access - All-fiber networks transmit and deliver data faster than wireless networks, DSL and cable.
  2. Symmetrical Access - All-fiber homes allow homeowners to download and upload data at the same speeds.
  3. Low Latency - All-fiber networks feature no disruptions or delays as they transmit at low latency, making for a more productive and less frustrating work environment.
  4. Increased Reliability - All-fiber networks have reliable service, which means that downtime is rare.
  5. Compatible With Future Improvements - All-fiber networks can support continuous improvements and enhancements, which means they can help and support communities for years to come.

Additionally, as more homeowners need to quickly surf the internet, stream music and videos and keep their smart homes connected, all-fiber broadband access could increase home values by more than three percent.

What Are the Economic Impacts of Fiber Homes?

There are many reasons why we must look towards the positive economic influence that fiber homes have on our communities. The top economic impacts of fiber homes include:

  • Fiber is an Investment in Our Future - Studies project that the average household of four people uses 500 times more bandwidth than what was required in the 1990s.
  • Economic Growth - According to the Fiber Broadband Association, cities with heavy fiber availability see up to 64 percent more economic growth than those without.
  • Population Migration - When homebuyers look at neighborhoods, they typically consider three main aspects:
    • Safe streets and low crime rates
    • Affordability
    • Reliable internet access

Free Fiber Home Search Tools

REALTORSⓇ and real estate agents can quickly locate listings that have access to fiber services by using this internet availability tool. Additionally, Fiber Homes has a free Chrome plugin for Zillow, making it even easier to search for homes with fiber access.

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