GigUp: Fiber Internet in Charleston County, Berkeley and Dorchester


GigUp: Fiber Internet in Charleston County, Berkeley and Dorchester

Home Telecom is proud to be a part of GigUP Tri-County. We are working hard to lay our robust state-of-the-art fiber internet in Charleston County, Berkeley and Dorchester counties. As these counties continue to grow, Home Telecom will work to use and connect existing fiber to residences throughout these three counties.

We aim to create a future-proof fiber network to extend fiber connections into every home. Home Telecom aspires to handle the increasing demand for internet services, security systems and streaming TV programs, helping people work from home and enjoy their home during their off-work hours. In addition, we strive to support the innovative new protocols developed daily by local healthcare, tech companies, public safety, education, commerce and transportation. Home Telecom has served the local area since 1904 and has consistently evolved to meet customers’ needs.

How to Get Fiber Internet In Charleston County, Berkeley and Dorchester

Home Telecom’s fiber network is unique. It brings 100 percent fiber to your home, making it possible for residences and businesses to connect using internet speeds of one gigabit or higher. As more people work from home, these high connection speeds allow residents of the Tri-County area to easily access high-security cloud storage, teleconferencing and other powerful internet technologies.

Phase 1: Researching Fiber Internet in Charleston County and the Tri-County Areas

Home Telecom has been researching fiber internet in Charleston County, Berkeley and Dorchester to determine the quickest and most effective solution to constructing fiber throughout the Tri-County area. This expansion requires a lot of planning, including analyzing infrastructure such as roads and poles and even assessing permitting requirements. Therefore, you play an essential role in our research phase as we need to know which areas are interested to help finalize our development plans.

Phase 2: Designing Fiber Internet in the Tri-County Areas

Once Home Telecom completes its research phase, the design phase begins. All the data we compile from our research helps us map what existing infrastructure may be used and where we should start fiber construction.

Phase 3: Constructing Fiber Internet in Charleston County, Berkeley and Dorchester

Once the research and design phases are complete, we can start building. Home Telecom’s state-of-the-art fiber will be laid, placed and connected to our existing infrastructure. You’ll likely see crews in the area working on getting fiber to your neighborhood and residence. Our teams are committed to respecting the aesthetics of business districts and neighborhoods, so some construction areas may take a little longer than others. Home Telecom appreciates your patience during this transition process.

Phase 4: Sign Up for Fiber Internet Services

To help facilitate serving more people, we will group our fiber expansion projects by the areas with the most interest and thus map our construction plan accordingly. The areas with the most fiber internet interest will receive access to Home Telecom’s robust fiber services first. Please know that there is NO COST and NO COMMITMENT for you to let us know you are interested in our services. Once you let us know your interest, we’ll send you information on the services available in your area once our fiber construction is complete.

Phase 5: Installation of Fiber Services to Residences and Businesses

Once your neighborhood and street are ready to be connected to our fiber network, we’ll reach out to see if you are still interested in our fiber services and see what plan best fits your needs. If you commit to Home Telecom, we will send a technician to bring fiber directly to your home.

Let Us Know If Your're Interested in Fiber Services

Are you interested in our fiber services in your neighborhood? Let us know, and sign up today with our NO COST and NO COMMITMENT guarantee. If you have additional questions or want more information, please visit our GigUp Tri-County residential and business page. If you’re interested in receiving fiber internet in your area, sign up and let us know you’re interested (no commitment necessary). If you would like to learn more about GigUP Tri-County and how Home Telecom is working to expand fiber internet services throughout.


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