7 Holiday Hosting Gadgets to Make Life Easier


7 Holiday Hosting Gadgets to Make Life Easier

Thanksgiving and December holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re like most Americans, you’re likely hosting holiday dinners for family and friends. We’ve rounded up our list of seven unique holiday-hosting gadgets to make life easier this year.


The MEATER wireless thermometer is a game changer and the future of perfectly cooking meat. Forgo overdone turkeys, hams and roasts this year and celebrate wireless cooking! The MEATER is simple:

  • Download the app to your phone.
  • Insert the wireless probe into your meat.
  • Select the “Guided Cook System” from the app and enjoy hassle-free wireless cooking.

2. Smart Lights and Plugins

This year, forgo running around the house to set the perfect lighting ambiance and begin using smart lights. Smart lights use an app and pair with your house, so you can easily choose the lighting in a single room or throughout your home. As a bonus, you can control the lights while you’re away from home, so if you’re traveling this holiday season, it’s easy to turn on lights so people think you’re home. Read about top smart LED light picks or opt for smart plugins to make your current lights smarter.

3. Robot Vacuum

Whether you need help cleaning up before guests arrive or removing those pesky crumbs from the floor after they leave, a robot vacuum can help! Many of the newer robot-model vacuums learn the layout of your house and have sensors to focus on heavily trafficked areas. So, instead of worrying about tidying up the floor this year, get a robot vacuum to help you! Explore the top five robot vacuums.

4. Electric Corkscrew

Avoid the hassle of uncorking wine and the embarrassment of having chunks of cork floating in the bottle with an electric corkscrew. Today’s electric corkscrews aren’t loud or bulky and are much easier to operate than previous models. Read more about the best electric wine openers.

5. Smart Slow Cooker

Slow cookers have always been a game changer when it comes to cooking. There’s nothing easier for a host to do than to ensure that at least one dish is prepared in the slow cooker. However, gone are the days of Grandma’s primitive slow cookers, and today’s models feature smartphone apps that let you check the temperature and adjust settings with the tap of your phone. Check out this Crock-Pot model that even works with Alexa!

6. Cocktail Machine

While this is on the pricey side of gadgets to make life easier, no list would be complete without including a fancy cocktail machine. Instead of playing bartender and guessing alcohol ratios, let a cocktail machine take the reigns. Similar to the Keurig, but for cocktails, the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine will take the guesswork out of drinks and free up your time to entertain and cook.

7. Sous Vide Machine

You’re probably thinking, sous what? A Sous Vide machine may sound intimidating, but it’s pretty simple and very hands-off, which makes it an excellent choice for entertaining gadgets to make life easier. Seal your meat or vegetables in a food saver or approved Sous Vide bag and set it in a water bath with the Sous Vide device. The water temperature remains low and consistent, gently cooking the food while sealing in all the moisture. See what Sous Vide machines are top-rated this year.

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