Implement These Valuable Home Safety Tips


Implement These Valuable Home Safety Tips

Deter Summer Crime With These Home Safety Tips

Summer vacations and vacant homes are attractive targets for criminals and burglaries. Don’t become a victim or a statistic! With the help of HomeSmart Security, you can implement these valuable home safety tips and features to protect you and your family.

Smarter Home Safety Tips

Create a custom experience for your home with HomeSmart Security, which features a wide assortment of cutting-edge security technology so you can implement these home safety tips.

  • 24/7 Protection – HomeSmart Security offers protection 24/7, meaning you can rest assured knowing that your home and valuables are safely monitored.
  • Professional Monitoring – Our monitoring service alerts local EMS, fire or police in the event of any emergencies. If you see a false alarm is detected, you can instantly cancel it.
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection – We offer the ability to connect smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors so you are alerted if an issue arises. These are also professionally monitored, and emergency services will be contacted in the event of a fire. Security System Alerts – HomeSmart Security alerts you to unusual activity early, whether your system is armed or disarmed. Our system is an intelligent, protective system that works by learning your family’s behavior patterns and then notifying you if something out of the ordinary, or not in your routine, is occurring. System alerts can be set for external doors, laundry room doors, medicine cabinets, the door to the garage and even top-of-the-stairs notifications to help prevent falls.
  • Simple Steps to Secure – Turning on alarms and securing your home can be a pain, which is why HomeSmart Security has helped to simplify this. You can tap your app once to adjust the lights, lock the doors, and arm the security system.
  • Securing Home While Away – The app will notify you if you’re away from home and forget to close your garage door. You can then quickly tap to close the door. If you have a compatible thermostat, you can also set your thermostat from the app if you forget to do so before leaving your house. Additional away-from-home features include arming your security system, locking the doors and even turning off the lights.
  • Smash-Proof Protection – Unlike broadband cable, our cellular connection is cut-resistant, so intruders can’t easily deactivate it.
  • Leak and Flood Protection – One of the most common home insurance claims is for leaks and floods. If you’re on vacation or away from home, you can rest assured that HomeSmart Security detects leaks with the Smart Water Valve+Meter and can turn off your water supply to help prevent further water damage.

Home Telecom Offers HomeSmart Security

Powered by, HomeSmart Security offers one of the most advanced, robust home security services on the market. Don’t delay. Act now and help secure your home and protect your family. Learn more about what HomeSmart Security can do for you.


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