Experience the Benefits of Internet with Fiber Optic


Experience the Many Benefits of Fiber

Fiber internet is the most reliable way to meet the country’s growing broadband connections needs now and in the future. Broadband has many positive benefits, both for rural and urban residents alike. Fiber delivers the ultimate speeds and performance and ultimately gives back to communities. Let's further explore the benefits of internet with fiber optic.

Why is Internet with Fiber Optic the Best Choice?

Internet with fiber optic is the best choice for communities because it’s simply the fastest. Fiber is lightyears faster than DSL or cable at delivering data to and from connected devices. In addition, the overall reliability and quality of wireless networks depend on the fiber network that is carrying traffic to and from 5G. Without fiber driving data, high speeds would cease to exist.

Upload and Download Speeds

Fiber allows for both symmetrical download and upload speeds, which helps to improve streaming, video conferencing and gaming. VPNs and file uploads perform better on these types of networks. Other outdated technologies process slow upload speeds.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) is unique in that your bandwidth is not shared with your neighbor’s, which means that if your neighbor uses significant bandwidth, your speeds will never be affected. However, other technologies rely on sharing connections, which means that service is affected when too many people use the same bandwidth.


Fiber is sustainable and can satisfy user demand in the future. When fiber is built, it anticipates that future demands will be necessary and allows for those services to be considered, which helps ensure that fiber is affordable and efficient in the future. In addition, this scalable, durable system is easier to update and considerably less to maintain than traditional broadband lines.

A Solid, Reliable Investment

Fiber is a solid investment because it’s scalable and offers a greater broadband capacity. Since fiber is also more reliable than other internet technologies, less interruption leads to better service, making it a more reliable long-term investment. Additionally, fiber makes for more desirable relocation conditions when neighborhoods and states try to retain or attract residents.

What Are the Direct Benefits of Internet with Fiber Optic?

Fiber has many benefits, both on local, state, and national levels.


Fiber allows for expanding educational opportunities for children and students at school and home. For example, students of all ages can now participate in more online educational applications and video conferencing.


In rural areas, it’s difficult to find good medical care. To help prevent people from having to travel long distances or forgo medical care, telehealth visits can connect rural patients with doctors, specialists and hospitals.


The ability to telework has never been more critical than it became in 2020 and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Video conferencing has become our new workplace norm, and virtual private networks (VPNs) offer the necessary security and fiber the necessary capacity to help seamlessly transact business from anywhere.

Economic Development and Smart Communities

Communities with fiber are more attractive areas for people and businesses to relocate. Communities with fiber regularly have a significant economic impact and increase in various jobs, such as agriculture, health and energy fields. Additionally, fiber communities experience a 43 percent reduction in power outages and increased home values by an average of three percent.

Precision Agriculture

Fiber-based technologies and networks allow farmers to increase crop yields while preserving our earth’s precious and limited natural resources.

5G Superiority

Fiber makes 5G networks even more superior because fiber supports the antennas, small cells, and towers responsible for sending 5G signals to mobile devices.

Overall, fiber is key to driving technology into 2022 and beyond. If you would like to learn more about the critical role that Home Telecom is playing in both residential and business fiber technologies, check out our GigUP Tri-County expansion effort.


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