3 Facts About Home Telecom Fiber Service


3 Facts About Home Telecom Fiber Internet Service

You’ve likely heard a lot about Fiber internet service, and while you know it’s fast, you may have questions or wonder what exactly makes Fiber so much superior to Cable internet service. We’ve compiled a list of the top three reasons why Home Telecom Fiber internet service is superior to traditional internet services.

Fact #1: Home Telecom Fiber is Extremely Fast

Home Telecom Fiber internet can produce some of the fastest internet speeds worldwide. In contrast, cable and DSL have hard-capped speed limits, but fiber optic connections do not. Light moves at 186,000 miles per second, which means that by tapping into Fiber optics-based technology, you can more rapidly and efficiently transfer data. Fiber optic cables are installed worldwide, making integrating into businesses and residences easier.

Fact #2: Home Telecom Fiber is Lightweight, But Durable

Fiber optics are thin strands of glass. These strands are thinner than a strand of human hair. Despite appearing delicate and fragile, fiber optic strands are very strong. They’re less likely to catch fire than traditional copper wire cables since they don’t overheat. Fiber optic cables are also more environmentally friendly, with lower energy requirements and a lower carbon footprint. One significant advantage is that fiber optics are more reliable and less likely to be influenced by weather.

Fact #3: Home Telecom Fiber Helps Increase Cybersecurity

If you regularly read the news, you’ll notice that hacks and data breaches are becoming more commonplace, so you must implement measures to protect your data. Fiber optics instantly boosts your cybersecurity, as cybercriminals find it challenging to intercept and download data signals that move through fiber optic cables. Fiber optics are far superior to DSL and cable for businesses or homes that seek the safest, most secure method to transmit data and information online.

Home Telecom Fiber Plans

Home Telecom offers a variety of fiber internet plans to best meet your needs, albeit for your residence or business. Fiber internet offers less load times, faster speeds and can easily accommodate multiple devices without lag time. Explore our high-speed plans and pricing to learn about residential fiber internet plans. Home Telecom also features business fiber plans.

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