7 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Summer BBQ


7 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Summer BBQ

How to Host the Ultimate Summer BBQ

It’s officially summer BBQ season! BBQs don’t have to be stressful events. Follow these seven essential tips if you want to host the ultimate, fun-filled outdoor get-together this year.

Summer BBQ Tip #1: Always Keep it Simple

BBQs should focus on spending time with friends and family outdoors. It’s essential to keep everything simple to avoid unneeded stress. Focus on high-quality food over quantity of food. Select one or two meat meals, such as hamburgers or grilled chicken, and easy vegetable options, such as vegetable kabobs. Select two side dishes, such as a salad and vegetable, for a well-rounded meal plan. Check out some of our favorite easy summer BBQ recipes.

Summer BBQ Tip #2: Set the Atmosphere

Set the atmosphere for the summer BBQ with music and outdoor games. If you don’t have a playlist curated, let Apple Music select one for you! Check out this fun Summer BBQ playlist. If you’re looking for yard games to entertain adults and children alike, don’t forget to check out these fun ideas on Amazon.

Summer BBQ Tip #3: Seating

Summer BBQs aren’t about formal seating arrangements, but it is necessary to provide plenty of outdoor seating for guests so they’re not balancing their meals with their drinks while standing. You don’t need anything fancy; just break out all your camping and beach chairs and strategically place them around your backyard.

Summer BBQ Tip #4: Stock Beverages

Let’s face it: summertime is hot, and hydration is necessary. Don’t forget to have plenty of chilled beverages, such as water, iced tea and lemonade. If you opt for offering alcoholic beverages, experts suggest having 1.5 alcoholic drinks per hour on hand per adult guest.

Summer BBQ Tip #5: Corrale Condiments

Instead of worrying about corralling a condiment mess, portion out condiments in muffin tins. While it might seem a little wasteful to throw out any unused condiments, it’s much safer than leaving out jars of condiments that could attract bugs or get contaminated. Plus, it makes cleanup a breeze at the end of the night!

Summer BBQ Tip #6: Bug Control

If you live in an area prone to bugs, opt for bug control. Citronella candles are great for detouring mosquitos, and if you’re looking for an all-natural bug spray, opt for one with essential oils.

Summer BBQ Tip #7: Dessert Bar

Smores are always a great way to end the night if you live in an area where you can have an open fire. However, when it’s hot outside, there is nothing more refreshing than a sundae bar.

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