Act Now and Enable Parental Controls for WiFi


Act Now and Enable Parental Controls for WiFi

Kid Safety: Enabling Parental Controls for WiFi

Summer break is right around the corner, and some parents may welcome this time of year. Most parents agree it’s very challenging to entertain kids for the next three months! Most kids today will spend most of their summer break on tablets, smartphones or gaming devices, especially if parents can’t work from home. Act now and help protect your kids this summer by activating parental controls for WiFi.

Why It’s Important to Enable Parental Controls for WiFi

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry says the average eight to 12-year-old spends approximately four to six hours on devices daily. This number skyrockets for teens who spend up to nine hours daily on devices.

Whether you’re working from home this summer, your kids are with a sitter or they’re old enough to stay home by themselves, limiting their screen time with parental controls for WiFi benefits their mental well-being and physical fitness.

Not only are today’s kids facing an obesity epidemic, but more child predators are lurking online than ever before.

Activating Parental Controls for WiFi

Home Telecom offers robust parental controls for WiFi via the MyWiFi Xtreme App.

  • Block Content – Activate filters to block pornographic, violent or other inappropriate content for your children.
  • Safe Search and YouTube Restrictions – Safe search filters content in both Google and Bing search engines. At the same time, YouTube restrictions will limit content to child-friendly content and block inappropriate comments in YouTube videos.
  • Time Limits on Devices – Parents can set time limits on applications to help ensure kids don’t stay on their devices all day. If you want to restrict your child’s time on social media or addictive games, you can easily set these restrictions from the MyWiFi Xtreme App. By helping reduce the amount of time children are online, you can help minimize any adverse health effects.
  • Device Usage – Check your kids’ device usage at a glance on the app to see if you need to create more robust parental controls for their devices.
  • Pause Devices – Do your kids argue over devices? No problem! You can pause the devices at the push of a button.

Guest Networks and Parental Controls for WiFi

The MyWiFi Xtreme App lets you quickly set up a guest network, including one with parental controls for WiFi. A guest network also limits access, and if your children have friends visiting, this is a great way to ensure that they can’t look up content you don’t want your children viewing. You’ll also be able to avoid giving your WiFi password to visitors, ensuring they seamlessly connect through the guest interface.

Parental Controls for WiFi Helps Prioritize Device Activity

If you’re working from home this summer and are worried about having too many devices connected to Wi-Fi, Home Telecom has you covered! MyWifi Xtreme lets you prioritize your devices, which means you can choose to have your work devices prioritize internet access over your children’s devices. By prioritizing device access, you’ll guarantee that you receive the fastest connectivity.

Home Telecom Delivers Robust Parental Controls for Wi-Fi

Learn more about how Home Telecom’s MyWiFi Xtreme can help you take control of the devices in your home this summer.


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