April Showers Bring May Flowers: Top Gardening Planning Apps


gardening planning apps

Alas, April’s showers are over, and blooming forth are May’s beautiful flowers. While some are blessed with green thumbs, there are many of us that want to have a breathtaking garden but need a little modern-day assistance from the pros, which in this case means gardening planning apps. So whether you need a reminder to water your basil, need to check the pH of your soil, can’t identify a strange plant in your yard or simply need some everyday gardening assistance, these apps can help!

Top Rated Gardening Planning Apps

Here's a list of our favorite gardening planning apps this year. 
  • PlantSnap (iOS, Android) - This app allows you to snap a picture of nearly any type of flower, tree, mushroom or succulent, and seconds later, it will identify it. Currently the iOS version is $34.99 and the Android version is $19.99.
  • SmartPlant (iOS) - The FREE version of this app includes plant identification and a Digital Care Calendar, which will send you convenient reminders to tend to your plants based on the type and the unique needs. They also have a premium membership, which helps identify annoying garden pests.
  • Garden Tags (iOS, Android) - Offering design inspiration, this free app can help you identify plants, give you advice and even provide tips for gardening. The premium version reminds users on a monthly, biannual or annual basis about specific plant care tasks.
  • Moon & Garden (iOS, Android) - Using a lunar-based approach to gardening, this app provides advice about planting and harvesting an organic garden based on the phases of the full or new moon. While this app is free, for 99 cents, you can disable the ads.
  • Gardenize (iOS, Android) - Track all the plants in your yard and garden, including care tips, location and crop rotation. You can track the condition of the soil and sunlight exposure. If you want to download or export your garden data, you will have to pay for this feature; otherwise, this app is free.
  • Garden Answers Plant Identifier (iOS, Android) - While this free app can identify more than 20,000 plants, if it can’t, you have the option to pay $2 to have an expert botanist identify it, as well as provide information about the plant and what type of care it requires. The app can identify common pests and has a thorough Q&A section that highlights 200,000 of the most common gardening questions.
  • Gardenate (iOS, Android) - This app is $1.99, but if you’re looking for a simple calendar to help you plant vegetables, this app is ideal. You can plan your garden and set a schedule and review information about the most popular garden vegetables.

May is the ideal month to begin planting your vegetable garden, so download one of these helpful gardening planning apps today and get started!


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