Learn About the Top Essentials for Hurricane Season



essentials for hurricane season

Hurricane season is in full swing, which means that hurricane preparedness should be on everyone's minds. If you live in a hurricane zone, the chances are that you have your standard gear ready to deploy at a moment’s notice - drinking water, tarps, disposable batteries, food and a first aid kit. However, here’s a list of other necessary items and essentials for hurricane season to help you brave through a disastrous storm, should one hit your area.

Top Essentials For Hurricane Season Preparedness 

Stock up on these supplies early, which are essential for hurricane season preparedness.

Emergency Generator

During Hurricane Irma, back in 2017, some people that required power for life-sustaining equipment or even a refrigerator to keep medication cold, such as insulin, were out of luck. There were reports of stolen generators and gas fumes asphyxiating people.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 takes generators to a new level. It contains enough energy to power your cell phone more than 70 times while giving your refrigerator power for 24 hours and also has a lantern with over 460 hours of light. Battery-based, there’s no need to worry about deadly fumes and you can run it inside.

There is also a kit to integrate the generator directly into your home’s electrical grid, which allows you to flip a switch quickly, and the power will flow through your home. Paired with a companion app, you can track remaining battery power. As a bonus, it has internal WiFi, which allows you to connect even if your network remains down.

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel Briefcase

The battery Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel Briefcase combines solar energy with the convenience of a battery generator. Sporting two 50-watt panels, you unfold the briefcase, point it into the post-hurricane sunshine and plug it in. While it takes 28 to 56 hours to recharge the device fully, you’ll only need a fraction of that to maintain energy throughout the night, and it can start recharging the next morning again.

Lifeproof Liveactiv’ Power Pack 10 Qi Wireless

Carry multiple Lifeproof Liveactiv’ Power Pack in your emergency kit to prepare yourself for what a hurricane will throw at you. If you have a Qi-enabled device, you can connect without a cord. It’s waterproof, dirtproof and drop proof and even has a combination built-in flashlight, emergency flasher or night-vision lantern.

Cordless Powered Tools

If you don’t want to haul around a colossal emergency-preparedness kit, sometimes it’s necessary to invest in handy cordless tools that will be reliable during an emergency.

Leatherman Free P2

Check out the Leatherman Free P4 knife and tool kit. This robust tool features a new locking system, tools will stay in place while you accomplish whatever tasks you need, such as applying torque to loosen a bolt or even sawing twine. Additionally, the new lever systems includes a built-in handle, which lets you quickly release the pressure as needed. This impressive knife contains 19 tools, that gives you a full toolbox arsenal in the grip of your hand.

Eco Power+ 16” Cordless Chainsaw

When a hurricane hits, there will be downed trees and branches everywhere, and loggers don’t call these dangerous trees “widowmakers” for nothing. Instead of keeping special lubricants and fuel on hand for a traditional chainsaw, opt for a cordless model that is quiet, water resistant and includes a rechargeable battery.

To protect you and your family this hurricane season, stay prepared and on top of maintaining emergency supplies and essentials for hurricane season preparedness.