Celebrate National Techies Day 2023


Celebrate National Techies Day 2023 With Home Telecom

Celebrate National Techies Day 2023 With Home Telecom

October 3 is National Techies Day 2023, and this celebration highlights the advancements in the technology industry. The 21st century is almost one-quarter over, and we’ve seen technology explode, going from bulky tower-style computers to sleek, lightweight tablets and laptops. We’ve also seen cell phones develop into small handheld computers and printers that can print 3D materials.

National Techies Day started in 1999 and was created by Computer Networking Technology and techies.com. Originally, the day was invented to help raise awareness about technology careers for adolescents

The History of Technology

The word “technology” is derived from the Greek word “techē,” which means arts and crafts, and “logos,” meaning words. While long ago, technology was used to refer to applied arts. It wasn’t until the 20th century that technology became synonymous with science projects related to processes and concepts.

Given how this Greek definition has evolved, technological advancements date back more than 3 million years, with the invention of clubs, knives and fire. As humankind evolved, they applied more technological advances to civilizations, incorporating water and sewage systems, ships, trains and even automobiles. The discovery of electricity is a modern concept that has changed the face of technology as we know it. While many people believe the computer is a modern-day invention, the truth is that the computer was invented in 1937 by John Atansoff, a physicist.

The History of National Techies Day 2023

The reason National Techies Day was initially developed was to celebrate technology and encourage our youth to gain interest in helping develop technological advancements. In fact, involving children in technology is essential, as you never know when you might have the next Ada Lovelace, considered the first computer programmer, or Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb, under your tutelage or guidance.

Home Telecom Celebrates National Techies Day 2023

Home Telecom has seen many advancements over the years and has participated in helping advance technology across South Carolina.

The team at Home Telecom loves their technology and wanted to share some of their favorite technology apps.

Caoimhe Zett, Customer Marketing Supervisor, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
“Put me down for the VRBO app. I love planning vacations and browsing all the fun places to stay!”

Jessica Van Horn, Product Marketing Supervisor, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
Amazon for shopping and quick delivery”

Kristi Brickles, Project Management Office Manager, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
“My favorite app is AnyList This app syncs with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so I can add items to a list on my phone or ask Alexa to add them. You can set up different lists for different things, such as grocery lists, Christmas gift lists and lists for general information. You can share lists with others so everyone in the family can add items to one central list. You can also import recipes from websites and add entire lists of ingredients at once!””

Kurt Files, Director of Information Technology, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
“Easy! ChatGPT! This AI-driven app interacts conversationally, allowing ChatGPT to answer questions, reject requests, challenge incorrect data and even admit mistakes.”

April Floyd, Customer Marketing Representative, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
Frameo because I like adding photos quickly to my digital picture frame.”

Ellie Gilmore, Product Marketing Representative, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
Instagram! I love pictures and highlights!”

Dustin Parsons, Product Marketing Representative, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
TikTok for entertainment and information at your fingertips.”

Madison Littell, Direct Sales Representative, Customer Service Center Moncks Corner
Ventusky is awesome for accurate weather.”

Rebecca Browde, Project Leader, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
Kindle, because I love to read!”

Teresa Alford,
YouTube, because of the variety of videos.”

Travus Helmly,
SoundCloud because it has a wide selection of music.”

Ryan Lobst,Business Systems Analyst, Corporate Headquarters Moncks Corner
YouTube! it has everything you need!”

Melissa Flowers,
Pinterest because I love to search for baby things and recipes”

Chuck Carnes,
“It’s a toss-up for me between the Brave browser and the Signal messenger app for the same reason: relative digital privacy in an age of ubiquitous, surplus data collection.”


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