New Software for Working from Home to Boost Productivity


New Software for Working from Home to Boost Productivity

If you’re like most people that work from home these days, you’re probably open to boosting your productivity to improve efficiency. We’ve created a list of software for working from home to help you take your WFH game to the next level in 2023.

Eesel: Browsing Software for Working from Home

Eesel is a powerful free extension that helps you look up Google Docs, Spotify playlists, Trello boards, and more from a single search bar. It’s also easy to sort your commonly used pages into organized folders so you can easily access or launch pages using keyword commands. Read more about how this software works. (Available for FREE for both Chrome and Firefox.)

Orion: A Browser Breakthrough

The newest browser on the market is Orion. Focused on delivering speed and privacy, Orion features a built-in traffic blocker and won’t ever collect your data. One of the biggest draws to using Orion is that it can run both Firefox and Chrome extensions despite being based on Apple’s Safari. So give Orion a try and see how this new software for working from home can help you. (Try it on Mac and iOS for FREE.)

Bionic Reading: The Ultimate in Speed Reading

Sometimes working from home can add up, and if you have to dig into a lengthy article but have limited time, this is where Bionic Reading comes into play. This browser extension uses bold text at the beginning of each word to guide your eyes and help you read faster. Check it out yourself and understand why we think this is the ultimate software for working from home in 2023. (Available in Google Chrome or on the web for FREE.)

Heyday: A Major Time Saver for Web Pages

Have you ever found yourself digging through your browser history, searching for an article you need to reference? If so, Heyday will help you dig through your browser history and surface similar pages as you browse. You can also easily connect Google, Twitter and Dropbox for more helpful search suggestions. Heyday is like giving your web browser an energy shot. (Available for both Chrome and Firefox. Heyday offers a 14-day trial. After that time, it’s $19/month or $179/year.)

Bento: Arrange Tasks Into Sizes

Much like a bento box organizes meals, Bento is a premium organizational software for working from home that is designed to keep you on track and target. Bento will help you arrange your tasks into small, medium or large, and each task will receive a dedicated focus timer combined with soothing sounds to help you get in and stay in your zone. (The app is available for iOS and has a one-time price of $8.)

Boomerang: One Click Calendar Scheduling

Stop wasting valuable time going back and forth, trying to book time for meetings. Boomerang now features a “Bookable Schedule” feature which allows you to embed live views of your available time slots on your calendar. The recipient can easily click the day and time that works best for them and schedule it. (Available both on the web and on iOS. Check out their Gmail pricing and Outlook pricing.)


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