Protect Your Home With HomeSmart Security


Protect Your Home With HomeSmart Security

Get Ready for Travel Season with HomeSmart Security

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Justice, burglary rates increase in the summer as more homeowners are likely to be on vacation? Don’t become a victim or a statistic! Instead, practice these seven helpful tips to deter burglars and outfit your home with HomeSmart security.

Tips to Deter Burglars


1. Always Lock Up Your House

Over 40 percent of break-ins occur because someone left their house or windows unlocked. So always deadbolt your locks and double-check all sliding glass doors and windows. Also, lock your interior garage door that has access directly to your home so if thieves enter your garage, they hopefully won’t gain entry into your home too.

2. Keep Travel Plans to Yourself and Prepare

Think twice before announcing or sharing your travel plans. While it’s essential to tell a few key neighbors you’ll be out of town so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, it’s critical to keep your vacation plans off social media and minimize the number of people you tell. If you want to share your vacation pictures, do so after you return. 

Additionally, if you are out of town for an extended time, consider letting your local police department or home security company know. Most police departments will also accommodate additional neighborhood patrols with drivebys. Finally, always remember to schedule for your mail or newspaper to be held or picked up by a neighbor or friend because nothing says a home is vacant more than a pile of newspapers.

3. Neighborhood Watch Groups

If your neighborhood doesn’t already have a neighborhood watch group, consider starting one. Closer-knit communities generally have fewer break-ins because snooping strangers stick out, and more people are likely to watch for anything that seems out of the ordinary or strange. 

4. Yard Security

Overgrown shrubs and trees make easy hiding places for criminals. Keep your yard manicured to limit hiding places. Also, remember to trim any tall tree branches that may reach upper-story windows. Finally, when you leave your home, retain landscape services so no one sees an unmanicured lawn and assumes no one is home.

5. Remove Spare Keys

While it may be tempting to leave spare keys out, removing any spare keys before you go on vacation is best. Instead, give a neighbor or pet sitter a key for safekeeping. If you feel more comfortable having a spare key around your home, consider getting a combination lockbox and hiding it in a secure location outside. Always avoid writing identifying house numbers on keys, as if they get lost, they can easily trace directly to your home.

6. Don’t Showcase Items

Lock up as many items as you can to deter burglars. For example, leaving expensive bikes, scooters, sporting goods equipment or even wall-mounted TVs in patio areas invites criminals to look around. Likewise, consider leaving your blinds shut and limiting what people can see inside your home if you’re on vacation.

7. Sign Up for HomeSmart Security

Signing up for HomeSmart Security means you’re getting peace of mind. HomeSmart Security offers 24-hour monitoring of your home. You can arm and disarm your security system from your Smartphone, tablet or any web-enabled device. In addition, HomeSmart security lets you control your home and monitor things while you’re away. You can even add on additional security features to set your thermostat, remote lock your doors or garage door, keep an eye on anyone that rings your doorbell, monitor visitors who arrive at your home and even get notified of any glass or window breakage.

HomeSmart Security’s Attack Pack

Hurry and act soon, as HomeSmart Security’s Attack Pack is now on sale! For a one-time price of $249 per kit (monthly plans also available), you can access our HomeSmart Security, three door or window contacts and a keychain remote for easy entry. The next time you go on vacation, don’t worry non-stop about burglars. Sign up for Home Telecom’s HomeSmart Security Attack Pack today to give you the ultimate peace of mind so you can relax this summer and take the vacation you deserve.

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